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Calgary and Vancouver Interventionist

Geri Bemister is a Calgary and Vancouver drug and alcohol interventionist and has been performing interventions for the past seven years. Geri previously spent her time as a behavioural scientist, business owner and as the former Director of Operations at the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Geri brings an extensive and diverse background to her teaching including knowledge and experience with all facets of the Justice System including criminal law, case law, and civil law; professional therapeutic experience working with vulnerable and at risk clients, including vulnerable infants and children, substance abuse disordered clients, survivors of childhood trauma and domestic violence. Geri is a recognized expert on trauma, adverse childhood experiences, substance abuse, and associated issues both provincially and nationally.

Geri has studied the Criminal Justice System in five different countries and is currently a faculty member in the department of Criminology at Vancouver Island University. Geri is also a university/college professor within the Department of Criminology at North Island College in Courtenay, B.C.

In 2013, she was appointed by B.C. Premier Christy Clark to the BC Government’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Crime Reduction, with recommendations from the final report currently being implemented. Geri was most recently appointed to the Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse (CCSA) Expert Advisory Committee.

Geri’s career has seen her serve as the primary lead on major health authority research projects concerning, mental health, addictions, and criminality in collaboration with MLA Daryl Plecas, the then RCMP research chair, at the Centre for Public Safety and Criminal Justice Research. Ms. Bemister has ongoing involvement with nonprofit agencies, conducting pilot projects within the realms of crime prevention and crime reduction, and implementing therapeutic communities both within and external to correctional institutions.

Geri will be working with clients throughout Alberta and British Columbia.

Delphine Cam

Drug & Alcohol Counsellor, Recovery Coach & Intervention Sober Companion

Delphine Cam is a substance abuse counsellor with over 15 years experience, working with families and teenagers suffering from addiction issues. Delphine is based out of Vancouver B.C.

Her counselling skills are extremely beneficial for families who have loved ones experiencing mental health disorders and substance abuse disorders, including alcohol and other drugs, process addictions such as gambling and video game addiction.

One of Delphine’s greatest strengths is her ability to create movement within the family, helping loved ones accept needed treatment. She works one-on-one with other professionals, therapists, drug and alcohol interventionists and treatment centres to ensure families and clients have success.

Delphine works closely with families and clients suffering from addiction issues the whole time the addict or alcoholic is in treatment.

Sometimes intervention clients can need extra one on one support while getting ready to leave a residential treatment program. Delphine offers professional support to the families and clients during their aftercare program.

Once drug and alcohol interventions are complete, family members are guided towards appropriate resources and continue in a Solution-Focused Coaching relationship with Delphine.

This allows the family to discover new ways to live while facing the trauma they have been through and learn how to recover and get healthy again. Addiction doesn’t just affect the addicts or alcoholics. Addiction also affects the whole family.


Delphine has been a drug & alcohol counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia for over 15 years and specializes in substance abuse disorder.

Delphine has participated in interventions in Vancouver, Montreal and as far as Thailand.

Before getting into private addiction counselling, Delphine was a youth addictions counsellor at the young offender’s jail in Vancouver, Canada. Delphine also specializes in working with youth, both female and males, that suffer from addiction-related trauma and criminal behaviour.

Deanne Neufeld

Professional Counsellor, Kelowna BC

– Masters’ Degree In Social Work from the University of Calgary where Deanne focused on Mental Health, Complex Multi-systemic Issues, as well as Adolescent Life Transitions.
– Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work with a clinical mental health focus from the University of Regina.
– Mount Royal University – Human Resources

Deanne has over 16 years of front line counseling experience with issues ranging from life transition, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, family stress, coping with life stressors and illnesses, eating disorders and self-harming behaviors as well as complex presenting problems.

She recognizes the importance of uncovering strengths as well as areas of challenge, and works carefully to develop strategies designed to help realize potential and maximize success.

Deanne utilizes a holistic approach focusing on strengths and solutions. She has the ability to draw from numerous treatment techniques to meet the needs of individual clientele. Deanne’s intention is to identify assets and strengths as opposed to focusing solely on deficits. She has worked extensively with youth, families, couples and seniors.

Deanne believes strongly in a strengths based approach in her practice, moving away from pathology, focusing on personal growth and individual potential to assist clients in achieving and maintaining closer attachments and a healthier more positive state of functioning. She understands the devastating impact illness can have in a family, and has devoted her time in providing support and teaching coping skills to enhance functioning and life satisfaction.

Deanne is a dynamic speaker and has presented and facilitated at Social Work Conferences, Health Region In-Services and Patient Safety and Quality Forums.

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