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Asking for help - Needed Intervention
7 Critical Considerations for Holding a Substance Abuse Intervention

People who have loved ones addicted to drugs or alcohol can often feel helpless and hopeless when it comes to fixing the situation. But if you’re willing, the possibility of helping a loved one conquer an addiction is possible. Here are seven things to think about...

Canada and legalized marijuana plans
What Legalized Marijuana Means for Canada

With Canada's plans to legalize marijuana soon it’s important to educate ourselves and find the positive aspects in what the government is proposing....

Support for Youth Overdoses
The New, Young Face of Drug Addiction

Rates of addiction and overdoses in youths are increasing. Our children are our future - it is important to understand how common this is and how to prevent and treat it....

Fentanyl Crisis Canada
How Users are Unknowingly Taking Fentanyl

People are often surprised when they test positive for fentanyl, because they never knowingly took it. These days however, fentanyl is in everything. ...

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