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Addiction counseling or an intervention should be considered when a person cannot stop an addiction by themselves; when they need a substance or stimulant to get through the day; when they have hurt themselves or others; when work, relationships, family connection and their health has been affected because of the addiction; and when the person cannot function as a  “normal” productive contributor to their family or society. Learn more about our services.
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Andy Bhatti provides effective addiction counseling and intervention services in Calgary, Vancouver, Newfoundland and several other locations across Canada. Addiction can often leave a person feeling lost, depressed, isolated and misunderstood. A professional counselor and interventionist aims to resolve these feelings by offering insights on the addiction and different ways in which they may look to understand and overcome it. Take the first step towards recovery today.

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If you or someone you know cannot stop drinking or using a substance, we can help. Andy Bhatti intervention and addiction services offer the steps needed to overcome the painful experience of addiction. We offer one-on–one counseling, couples support and family interventions to fight the disease of addiction that affects everyone involved, not just the one drinking. Let us guide you through the steps necessary to find recovery and restore a happy healthiness to your family.

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With the increase in substance abuse across Canada, we are the only company offering interventions in Alberta where we travel to you and work with your family exclusively to support your loved one in a healthy recovery.

Interventions are an extremely effective way to demonstrate to someone you love the depth and severity of their addictions. It is a drastic yet necessary effort to help them get the help they need before it’s too late. Interventions are direct: involving a pre-planned meeting with the family to finds ways to encourage effective results in helping the individual see the benefits of treatment and to book a treatment facility or program for the individual to attend directly after the intervention.

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