Words of Recovery

“Thank you so much for all your hard work with the intervention of my stepson. He was hard to convince and it took him some time to become free of his addiction. I was impressed with the time and energy you give to your clients to ensure the outcome is a positive one. I would/will recommend your services to anyone I come across that needs the help you so willingly provided. I would trust you with any kind of intervention and can’t say or find enough words to show how thankful we are.”

Sara Tweed

“For many years i was on the downward spiral which would have sooner than later led to death. My family gave Andy Bhatti Intervention a call as a last resort. They took the time and the effort to change my life in a way that everyone, including myself, thought was impossible. I now have an amazing job, brand new vehicle and greatest of all my family back. I have found a power greater than myself who has led me to a truely amazing future, and without them, I would be dead. Thank you again Andy, God bless you!”


“I had been struggling for years trying to change my son from alcohol and drug addiction and anger, when things got so bad I couldn’t take it any more, I made the decision to contact Andy Bhatti Intervention.

Our first meeting was on a park bench in the cold. I told Andy, “I need you to help me change my son, It’s got so bad that I cant sleep for worry. My work, marriage and sanity are at stake here” I was draining my health, and finances trying to fix things.

I was totally consumed by trying to help my son get better. After a couple more meetings, they quickly identified that I had done all I could possibly do, and it was no longer my son that needed help, but me. I had never heard of the word co-dependency before.

Along with the rest of my family, they arranged for me to go to a treatment facility for 30 days, the intervention had been turned on me instead of my son and I was scared to death.

Upon arrival at the treatment center, I was traumatized, and felt hopeless. After about 5 or 6 days there, I started to realize that this may just be the best thing that could have happened to me. At completion, I knew it was!

Because of Andy Bhatti Intervention, and their warm, caring, love and compassion, I owe my life. And I will be forever grateful.

I now have an inner peace that I haven’t felt in almost 40 years. I would recommend anyone who is going through the nightmare of trying to change someone else’s behavior, to call Andy Bhatti Intervention TODAY!

I know he will be able to provide the comfort he found for me. God bless.”


“As a parent, realizing that your child needs help but you feel helpless. That you have done everything you could do to try and fix them. I felt that I had failed my son. Mom should have been able to do that right?

Well. mom, dad, brother, and sister couldn’t!

It was my daughter who said “mom, we need an interventionist. “This is life and death”. We are not capable of handling this alone any longer! It was at that moment that I realized we really did need professional help!

We contacted an interventionist…Andy, an angel walking this earth!

Within 2 days he traveled from Vancouver to NL.

After years of dealing with my son’s addiction, I finally felt there was someone out there who could help him and our family!

I thank God everyday for Andy.

Andy came to us as a stranger. We put all our faith in him. We now consider Andy a part of our family!

Through Andy’s intervention, our son is with us today. He celebrated his 2 years clean date on September 29, 2020

Through Andy’s intervention my son was able to heal.

My son traveled to the Cabin in Thailand as part of his healing. As a parent from a small town, I couldn’t imagine him being that far away from us while dealing with his addiction.

We would have weekly calls from him and his counselor. Having that one-on-one time gave us all peace of mind. Hearing the excitement in my son’s voice for the first time since he was a teenager, knowing that he was truely happy there, I knew the trust we put in Andy was the best decision.

I truely believe if we didn’t find Andy and make that call, our son would not be here today!

If there is one thing I have learned as a parent living with an addict, please do not let your pride get in the way. Please do not think because you have to ask for help that you have failed as a parent!

Because of Andy’s intervention, I can now enjoy my life and my family.

Thank you for all you do for others, Andy!

Love you!”


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