Addiction Interventions & Treatment for the LGBT+ Community in Vancouver

Addiction Interventions & Treatment for the LGBT+ Community in Vancouver

The LGBT+ community is suffering disproportionately high rates of addiction and trauma in Vancouver, Canada. Often driven by the stress of discrimination, LGBT+ people are between three and four times more likely than others to become dependent on drugs or alcohol, with three out of four suffering from mental health and addiction issues.

Trauma is especially common throughout the LGBT+ community in Vancouver as well. Childhood trauma affects 43% of lesbian women and 34% of gay men. While addiction and trauma are common in this community, treatment is within reach for those seeking positive change.

Treating the addiction and trauma of LGBT+ people is more successful when it addresses the specific challenges members of this community face. A Thailand or Vancouver based rehabilitation centre dedicated to the needs of the LGBT+ community brings LGBT+ peers together for treatment, identifying their common struggles while providing a greater sense of belonging.

Through the R12 programme at The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand, members of the LGBT+ community are receiving world-leading addiction trauma treatment exclusively focusing on healing the community. Bringing this community together creates the perfect environment to rise above addiction, offering a strong support system that empowers.

Also known as ‘The Land of Smiles,’ Thailand is an exceptionally welcoming destination for people of all sexualities and gender identities. In this world away from the triggers and negative influences perpetuating an addiction, the healing can begin.

R12 provides a safe and non-judgemental space to openly explore and address the circumstances and consequences of addiction. With more than half of people seeking rehabilitation for addiction also suffering from underlying trauma or PTSD, R12’s western-trained LGBT+ clinicians and counsellors are available to treat these co-occurring disorders simultaneously.

R12 pairs the most effective Western treatment with Eastern healing practices, tailoring treatment to each person’s needs. This LGBT+ addiction treatment centre focuses on several therapeutic techniques, including group counselling, a varied programme of holistic therapies and intensive fitness sessions.

Recovery at R12 goes beyond what’s expected of a luxury treatment centre. Clients from Vancouver, Canada get to experience Northern Thailand through white water rafting, Thai cooking classes, jungle trekking and playing with elephants, showing that life in recovery is more exciting, fun, and rewarding than struggling with a life of addiction.

The programme includes a complimentary three-day family therapy workshop at the Thailand rehab centre, guiding family members to learn how to support their loved one’s recovery. On discharge, the Continuing Care programme continues promoting lasting freedom from addiction and trauma for clients, wherever they are in the world.

Are you or a loved one looking for a positive change? Seeking intervention services and treatment is the first step towards abandoning addiction in the past.

For anyone struggling with this disease, help is available. Feel free to reach out with any questions about addiction and trauma treatment options for members of the LGBT+ community. Our personalized interventions lead to helping Vancouver and Canadians seek the proper help they need. Our professional Vancouver interventionist Andy Bhatti has sent over 100 Canadian clients to Thailand for addiction treatment.

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