Addiction Services Alberta: Finding the Right Treatment Centre

Addiction Services Alberta: Finding the Right Treatment Centre

With all of the options for addiction treatment centres across Canada, finding the right fit for yourself or a loved one may seem overwhelming.

But, we’re here to help you with that sometimes overwhelming decision.

Interventionist Andy Bhatti works closely with drug and alcohol treatment centres all across Canada, The United States and Asia to help find the right treatment program for the individual. Sometimes if you live in a certain city, you may not receive addiction services treatment in that city. Travelling to another city often brings shorter wait times

If you or your loved one has agreed to go into an addiction services treatment centre in Alberta, here are your options:

Private Treatment Centre

Our professional drug and alcohol interventionists work closely with insurance companies and private addiction services treatment centres to find the right one. Inpatient addiction treatment includes a period of detoxification.

The period of a detox can be the first step on the road to recovery. But, weaning yourself off of your drug or drink of choice alone can be tough. With the help of Andy Bhatti, he’s able to help you deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxing under supervision at an addiction services treatment in Alberta or with the help of Andy Bhatti elsewhere in Canada provides the safest and most comfortable setting to begin the road to recovery. Once the detox happens, the recovery begins. 

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There are different types of private treatment centres and Andy Bhatti has experience with them all.

Many families are looking for emergency private drug and alcohol addiction services treatment centres, but others may be looking for publicly funded treatment beds. The wait times vary for both of these options and contacting Andy Bhatti would be best to learn more.

Some families are looking for female or male only addiction services in Alberta, while others are okay with co-ed treatment centres.

These are all decisions that have to be made, but at Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services, we can review all of this with you. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by the decisions.

Outpatient Addiction Services in Alberta

Another type of addiction services in Alberta is outpatient treatment programs.

If you have a loved one or you’re not able to attend a drug and alcohol residential program, recovery is still possible. Our interventionists offer emergency addiction services and personalized one-on-one outpatient addiction treatment.

We understand that the cost of inpatient treatment can be overwhelming for families. Because of this, we wanted to offer addiction services at a lower cost to make recovery possible for all people.

If you’re ready to take the first step, contact Andy Bhatti today. We can review the two types of addiction services available in Alberta and discuss which one is right for you or your family member.

Recovery is possible. The first step is picking up the phone and saying that you’re ready. We’ll help guide you from there.

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