Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Calgary Teens

Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Calgary Teens

Scott Holden was 12 years old when he had his first drink, by Grade 10 he was arrested for breaking into cars; by Grade 12 he was high more often than he was sober.

This once bright, athletic kid had an addiction problem, and like so many parents of teenagers who have an addiction problem, Scott’s parents didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help.

The use of alcohol and drugs typically begins during adolescence. And while most teens can experiment and walk away, many will continue to use drugs habitually. Adolescence is a period where many lifelong behavior patterns are established, if teens become accustomed to using drugs as a method of escape or to deal with social anxiety, depression, or stress, this can quickly become a habit, that becomes a dependence, which can turn into an addiction.

According to Teen Challenge Canada, the average age drug abuse begins is 15.7 years old; a few warning signs include:

  • Bloodshot eyes with dilated or pinpoint pupils not caused by changes in light
  • Sudden food cravings or loss of appetite and emaciation
  • No interest in former hobbies
  • Students missing classes, failing tests, and disruptive in class
  • Sometimes talking incessantly
  • Wanting to sleep as much as possible
  • Lack of interest in social activities
  • Personal hygiene is no longer important


If you are concerned about a teenager who may be addicted to drugs or abusing alcohol, it could be time to call an interventionist in Calgary.

Many families in Calgary have set their teenager on the road to recovery through a drug or alcohol intervention – for most, it’s the first step towards a sober life.

When a member of your family is receiving treatment for addiction, everyone is affected. Family life becomes unpredictable and common routines such as shopping, going on vacation, or even just quiet nights watching TV become disrupted, and the disruption to normal life often leads to stress and conflict. This is a difficult period of life for you and your family. You need the help of professionals to support you and give you advice that helps your teen overcome their addiction.

An interventionist can coach you on how to explain the situation to younger siblings, and they can help you find addiction centers or support programs in Calgary that meet the requirements of your family.

There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers and support groups in Calgary, but as a parent of a drug addict, you may not have the emotional capacity or knowledge to source the one that works best for you. We can help. An interventionist will guide you through each step of the process; from the first conversation you have with your child about their drug use, to the stage where they are willing to enter a treatment program, and throughout the following months of recovery.

Even the closest of your friends and family members can’t understand what it’s like to deal with an addict. An interventionist has the first hand experience and the professional training to help you cope with the day-to-day issues that arise: the difficult conversations, the setbacks, the behavioural issues, the emotional roller-coaster, and the long road ahead.

This may be one of the most difficult times of your life, but you don’t have to do it alone. We are here to help you and your child – so take the first step towards recovery. Call us and we can give you the information, guidance, and support you need to get the child you lost to drugs back to your family.

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