Calgary Interventions – The First Step in Recovery

Calgary Interventions – The First Step in Recovery

You know something has to change. You know that you and your family can’t go on living this way. You are concerned that a person you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, but you are not sure what to do. Does any of the following sound familiar:

  • You walk around on eggshells
  • You are afraid to try and stop them incase it pushes them away
  • You can’t sleep for worrying or desperately wondering what you could do to help.
  • You live under a shadow of guilt and sadness as you watch this person you love caught in the grips of substance abuse.


You know they need help, professional help, but you don’t know how to get them to a treatment center. This is where an intervention can help. An intervention can lead an addict to a drug or alcohol treatment center.

Families across British Columbia and Alberta face this problem, and one of the most immediate concerns is death by overdose or fentanyl or carfentanil. According to the Health Officer’s Council of British Columbia, 47,000 Canadian deaths are linked to substance abuse annually, and in Alberta, there are now on average 12-13 accidental drug poisoning deaths related to fentanyl every day, with the majority of those deaths in Calgary.

No one has to go through life as a substance abuser or living with a substance abuser. Interventions in Calgary are effective at helping an addict seek treatment at a drug and alcohol treatment center. An intervention is the most difficult part of the process, but the good news is that, this first step is the first step towards healing and kicking the addiction.

Prevention is better than intervention. If you are concerned about a youth who may be using or addicted to drugs or alcohol, reach out. When you need advice on how to talk to kids, teens, and adult children about issues such as substance use or overdose, we can help.

No one aspires to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, and understanding the underlying issue is the keystone to a successful recovery. It is commonly accepted that people who have low self-esteem have a higher rate of addiction, and while this may not always be the case, emotional triggers often play a role in substance abuse.

An interventionist can help the whole family through difficult conversations and educate the family on the best way to communicate throughout this process. We meet with the family individually; we study the dynamics of the family, the relationships, and the person who is caught in the grips of addiction to develop a personalized intervention program.

Interventions can be an emotional minefield, and family members may have anger or emotional issues that rise to the surface. A professional interventionist knows how to use language that is non-threatening, respectful and supportive.

With many years of experience in the intervention and recovery industry, Andy Bhatti specializes in working with families and individuals in Calgary to stage successful interventions. We help family and friends prepare for the intervention, and we teach them how to support the addict with love while motivating them to agree to treatment.

If you suspect your child or friend is becoming addicted to a substance, don’t wait to see if they’ll be able to kick the habit themselves, contact us to find out how to approach your loved one.
Intervention is the first step towards healing. Remember, no matter how desperate it seems, there is hope. A successful intervention helps the addict agree to go to a treatment center.

The road ahead may be difficult, but we can help you through each step.

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