Drug Treatment Programs: What to Consider When You’re Released

Drug Treatment Programs: What to Consider When You’re Released

Are you struggling with a drug problem? If you are ready to take that first step and make a change, a drug treatment program could be your answer.

There are many treatment centers Calgary offers, it’s about finding the right one for you and your situation. But before we can begin recovery, a drug intervention in Calgary has to happen.

Is Your Situation Urgent?

The first question you need to ask yourself is “Do I need a Calgary intervention?”

You must know the answer to this question because having a non violent crisis intervention is a big step to take.

You will know the answer to this question if:

  • Your addiction has gone on for too long
  • You prioritize your drug addiction over everything else
  • You’ve lost hope
  • You’ve tried to stop the addiction yourself


Drug treatment programs


A drug intervention by Calgary interventionist Andy Bhatti should be considered when you cannot stop the addiction yourself. When you need a stimulant to get through the day and when you hurt yourself or others to feed your addiction.

Andy Bhatti will work one-on-one with an addict to show them it’s possible to come out of recovery in Calgary sober. While many interventionists work with the public treatment centers Calgary has, Andy Bhatti works closely with rehab Calgary centers that are privately owned. This is a positive thing for an addict because the wait times for public drug treatment programs are sometimes months long. The availability for private drug treatment programs are greater, which means you will get into recovery sooner than later.

Once you’re out of the rehab Calgary center, it’s important to understand how to stay sober. Here are three considerations for recovering after the drug treatment program.

  1. Getting sober and living sober are not the same

Getting sober happens when you’re going through one of the treatment centers Calgary has. Living sober is what happens after you’re released from one of those treatment centers. Living sober requires making certain lifestyle changes that helps with personal growth and long-term addiction recovery.

Drug intervention calgary

Andy Bhatti will provide any of his clients with the tools to live a sober life. His work with an addict doesn’t stop once they get into the doors of the drug treatment program. He will continue working with the client after the treatment program and during the recovery process.

  1. Recovery requires action over intentions

It’s great to have the intentions set that you’re going to go through an intervention in Calgary and that you’re going to remain sober once you’re in recovery. But, without actions, that will not be possible.

Take daily actions to improve your lifestyle and work towards your goals of being a sober person. Stay away from both drugs and alcohol and keep yourself busy to lessen the thoughts of your vice. You can also go through counseling with Andy Bhatti, which helps addicts gain the daily tools to stay away from the drug of choice.

  1. There is no cure but a non violent crisis intervention is the answer

If you think you can get sober by yourself, you may be mistaken. Given the severity of your addiction, a non-violent crisis intervention is most likely the answer to getting sober. Having the help of a professional interventionist like Andy Bhatti in Calgary will not only help you in the process of getting sober, but it will help you remain sober.

Attending a drug treatment program in Calgary isn’t the cure to your addition. It’s a step forward in living a sober life, but there is no cure for addiction. When an intervention happens it involves loved ones to help show you the way to a clean and sober life. Andy Bhatti gives you an idea of what your life will look like after your intervention and after your treatment program. 

Recovery in Calgary

If your situation is urgent and you’ve tried everything on your own, it’s time to call Andy Bhatti. He will guide you through a non violent crisis intervention where you will be admitted into a drug treatment program in Calgary. After your recovery happens, you will gain the daily tools to help you remain sober.

It’s possible to live a clean and sober life. You just have to take the first step by calling Andy Bhatti today.

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