Family Matters: Drug Opioid Interventions in Alberta

Family Matters: Drug Opioid Interventions in Alberta

When we receive a call about drug opioid interventions in Alberta, the caller always thinks they’re calling to speak to an opioid interventionist in Alberta for their loved one. But, in reality, the caller is affected just as much as the addict when it comes to addiction.

Have you heard of chemical dependency before? That’s the scientific word for addiction to a mood or a mind-altering drug. But, did you know that chemical dependency is unable to exist without codependency?

This means an addict cannot become sober until their loved ones break free from the addiction too.

How does this happen? With the help of an Alberta opioid interventionist.

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Interventions are an extremely effective way to demonstrate to someone you love the depth and severity of their addictions. It is a drastic yet necessary effort to help them get the help they need before it’s too late. Interventions are direct: involving a pre-planned meeting with the family to finds ways to encourage effective results in helping the individual see the benefits of treatment and to book a treatment facility or program for the individual to attend directly after the intervention.

While the opioid crisis continues to rise in Alberta, it’s possible to have a drug intervention in the province. Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addictions Services cater to Alberta families and workers because we know that it’s possible to live a clean and sober life.

“I provide interventions in Alberta because the demand is increasing. With the fentanyl and the opioid and cocaine crisis in Alberta, it makes it the second worst province in Canada for drug addiction. The province is also in the top three provinces with the worst available resources,” Andy Bhatti explains.

While wait time to receive help in Alberta is becoming longer, Andy promises he can personally or one of his other interventionists can be in Calgary within 24 hours to begin the recovery treatment process.

And if you don’t want anyone at your work to know you’re going for an drug intervention or rehab treatment in Alberta, that’s okay. Andy is able to provide a doctor’s note to have a medical leave.

Simply get clean without others knowing.

So, now that you know it’s possible for your loved one to receive a drug opioid intervention in Alberta, let’s talk about how we can help you too.

Andy Bhatti Interventions & Services assist families who need help to set boundaries when it comes to addiction. Think back to the times that you’ve helped your loved one with their addiction in a bad way. Ignored the situation, lied to someone about the addiction, given them money? These things can be discussed and solved with the help of our interventionists.

The first step is calling an opioid interventionist in Alberta. The second step is setting up a meeting. The third step is accepting help.

If your loved one is facing an opioid addiction in Alberta and you think they’re ready for a drug intervention, contact Andy Bhatti today.


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