The Primary Goal of Intervention Services in Vancouver

The Primary Goal of Intervention Services in Vancouver

Substance abuse disorders often emerge during adolescence, but at the early stage of substance abuse, the warning signs may be overlooked. Many people dismiss substance use as recreational or experimental. They may think that it’s just a normal part of teenagers growing up and being a little rebellious. Unfortunately, substance abuse in adolescence often leads to addiction.

A substance use disorder is categorized as a medical illness that causes significant impairments in health and social function. A substance abuse disorder can range in severity and duration, but often, children as young 12 are engaging in substance abuse on a regular basis, and they are unaware of the damage they are causing to their brain and body. They do not fully understand the severity of their actions.

Early intervention services in Vancouver can provide the patient and the patient’s family with information about substance use risks, and normal or safe levels of use. They can also inform the family and the patient of strategies that can help them quit or cut down on substance use and make them aware of use-related risk behaviors. Additionally, intervention services can facilitate patient engagement in treatment when it is needed.

The Benefits of Intervention Services

Intervention services are widely available in Vancouver for both adults and teenagers. Intervention services are the first step to helping youth understand the implications of long-term substance abuse and can be the most important step in preventing long-term physical damage.

Early intervention services can be provided in a variety of settings including the home, a clinic, primary care offices, or mental health clinics. A professional interventionist can help determine which setting would be most suitable. The benefits of an early intervention include:

  • Reducing the harms associated with substance abuse
  • Reducing risky behaviors that can lead to physical or emotional injury
  • Ensuring no long-term damage to health and social function
  • Preventing progression of abuse to a severe addiction

Early intervention services are the bridge between prevention and treatment services. When the substance abuse is more serious or when it is a full-blown addiction, intervention services can be the first step towards engaging the patient in treatment.

There are many intervention services available in Vancouver, and in addition to the initial services of helping the family understand what is involved with staging an intervention, intervention services help the family and patient find a recovery and treatment program in Vancouver that suits their particular needs. Intervention services also provide information on addiction counseling for substance abuse in Vancouver, and the rehab and recovery support groups available.

The Goal of an Intervention in Vancouver

The primary goal of an intervention is to encourage patients to seek treatment themselves. If they are forced into treatment there is a greater chance of relapse. However, there are many good reasons to stage an intervention even if the patient does not initially agree to treatment.

An intervention helps family and friends understand how to deal with addiction, which can keep the channels of communication open. It also exposes the issue and removes the secrecy, and when the conspiracy of silence is broken, it is easier to engage in honest communication. Intervention services also provide support for the family at all stages of the process. This level of support is vital to helping families remain grounded and hopeful throughout the duration of the treatment.

If you are looking for intervention services in Vancouver, Andy Bhatti can provide the full range of services you need to take the steps to deal with an addiction.

Call for more information and find out how intervention services can help you and your family.

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