Is Your Son Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta?

Is Your Son Struggling with Drug or Alcohol Addiction in Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta?

Young people in Canada have the highest rate of problematic substance use nationally and the highest rate of past-year use of illegal drugs, according to a 2018 Health Canada report, ‘Strengthening Canada’s Approach to Substance Use Issues’. The report also found that males in Calgary, Alberta are more likely to use illegal drugs than females and are less likely to seek help.

Young men in Canada are at an especially high risk of developing an addiction as they may be struggling to find their place in the world. What begins as age-appropriate experimentation can quickly spiral out of control.

You may notice your son is becoming increasingly, irritable, unhappy, bored, restless and withdrawn. This is because addiction gets worse over time. The good news is that young men are at a prime point in their lives to make a change. Drug and alcohol interventions can help prevent addiction behaviours get worse. If the addictive behaviour is caught in the early stages, it’s possible to reverse the effects before reaching a critical stage.

A residential youth addiction treatment centre in Edmonton or Calgary, Alberta will offer your son the best chance of long-term recovery. Whether you’re looking for alcohol intervention or drug intervention, you can also choose a treatment centre in a foreign country, that means he’ll be a world away from the triggers that feed his addiction.

The Edge programme at The Cabin in Chiang Mai, Thailand offers addiction treatment to young men aged 18-26. Over half of those who seek treatment for addiction also suffer from underlying trauma issues, so The Edge also offers trauma therapy and PTSD therapy to heal any psychological issues that may be contributing to their addictive behaviour. Over 25% of the clients in treatment in Thailand are from Alberta and Vancouver, Canada.

The programme uses a unique combination of psychological, physical and social elements, including:

  • One-to-one and group therapy sessions with Western-trained and licensed counsellors
  • Intensive fitness sessions in either Muay Thai boxing or triathlon training
  • Wilderness excursions to develop determination, communication and teamwork
  • Community service to build a sense of social responsibility.

The Edge proves that life in sobriety is far more fun and fulfilling than a life of addiction. It’s designed to help your son find meaning, purpose and connection with others who have similar struggles and create lasting friendships in recovery.

Experiencing the struggles of this disease is frustrating but watching on without acting can be nearly as trying. The Cabin Treatment Centre in Thailand offers a complimentary three-day family treatment programme, you’ll learn how to support your son’s recovery.

If your son is showing signs of substance abuse, compulsive digital use (including gaming addiction), self-destructive behaviour or mental health issues and you don’t know what to do, help is available. Feel free to reach out with any questions about getting your son the treatment he deserves.

Andy Bhatti is a fully trained professional interventionist who can recommend the most appropriate youth intervention treatment centre in Canada or Thailand for your son.

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