Key Benefits of Intervention Services in Calgary

Key Benefits of Intervention Services in Calgary

Intervention services in Calgary provide care for all members of society. The people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction do not belong to one demographic. Addiction is a disease that can affect everyone, including teenagers and the elderly; the unemployed, people in trades, and people in professional positions; mothers and fathers, First Nations, and the LBTQ community. There is great diversity in the backgrounds and experiences that lead to addiction, and to address addiction successfully, the needs of each individual must be taken into consideration.

Intervention services take a holistic approach to understanding the specific needs of the individual. This level of personal care and professional insight can lead to successful recovery and mitigate the chance of relapse.

What Can You Expect from Intervention Services?

The goal of an intervention is to get the person addicted to drugs or alcohol into a treatment center. However, the patient has to agree to enter treatment willingly, and it often takes a professional intervention to help guide the patient towards this stage.

Intervention services include meetings with the family before the intervention is staged to help them understand how to approach their loved one without judgment or anger.

You can rely on the help of a trained interventionist to guide you through each stage of the process. They also know how to handle angry, hostile, or even violent behavior that may erupt during an intervention.
Intervention services include providing the family with information on the various treatment centers and programs available, and after-treatment programs and support groups for both the patient and the family.

You can expect to receive:

  • Education on drug use and how it affects mental and physical health
  • How to deal with resistance
  • How to set boundaries and disengage from enabling behavior
  • Support to stay positive throughout the process
  • Information on programs, centers, and support groups

The Benefits of Intervention Services

Intervention services provide you with a professional interventionist who has the skills and experience to stage a successful intervention and deal with difficult situations that may arise.

These services include:

  • Careful assessment of the family dynamic
  • Deciding who should be at the intervention
  • Deciding on the best location and time for the intervention
  • Deciding how many people should be at the intervention
  • Helping you with post intervention support

There are many benefits of a professional addiction intervention, the most obvious is that it can help your loved one accept treatment, but in addition to helping the patient, intervention services can help you carry on with your life in a more productive and positive way. The recovery process takes time, and you will need support to carry on with your life while your loved one is going through treatment and beginning to rebuild their life after the addiction. This can be emotionally and mentally draining, and you will need support to help you through this process, too.

When someone you love is addicted to substance abuse, you may think engaging the services of an interventionist is more than you can afford. But the question is, can you afford not to? When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, the emotional, physical, and financial costs are high. There are many lost workdays due to sickness or despair, there are the costs of the drugs and alcohol, and in many more severe cases, there are medical costs, and costs accrued by criminal activity.

If you need the help of intervention services in Calgary, take a look into government funded treatment centers and the wide range of private treatment centers available. There are many centers that have developed treatment programs for individual requirements.

A Calgary interventionist can help you decide which ones may be best for you.

Call Andy Bhatti, professional interventionist to get more information on the various services and treatment centers in your area.

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