Living a Clean and Sober Life VS Taking Clean Drugs

Living a Clean and Sober Life VS Taking Clean Drugs

Safe injection sites are becoming more and more common in Canada’s major cities.

These supervised injection sites offer a harm reduction model for individuals struggling with addictions.

While these centres may be beneficial to some, choosing a clean, sober life has more long-term health benefits. These benefits are both physical and mental, according to Professional Interventionist, Andy Bhatti.

Accepting help from a professional drug and alcohol interventionist and going to a treatment centre will help anyone struggling with these addictions to live a clean, sober life.

Choosing to pursue clean and sober living is difficult.

Making the decision to quit any addictions, and following through with that decision may be one of the hardest decisions some people ever have to make.

But it’s not impossible.

Once they’ve made this decision, people have to take a long, hard look at their pasts. They have to recognize any mistakes or bad decisions they may have made.

Thinking about their lives can bring up painful memories from their past, such as trauma, sexual abuse issues, or maybe why they haven’t been the parent they wished they were. Usually, this leads them to understanding why they may be blocking out their pain and emotion with drugs or alcohol.

This can be a significant realization.

Andy Bhatti knows from personal experience it can be hard to admit and deal with the reasons behind their coping mechanisms.

In the midst of these emotionally painful realizations, many individuals will also be struggling with the physical effects of their decision to become sober and clean; withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately, when someone is addicted to drugs, they can’t simply flick a switch to turn their addictions off when they become sober. Withdrawal symptoms may include pain, sweats, anxiety and other physical effects.

The physical and emotional struggle of choosing clean and sober living is not an easy one. However, Andy Bhatti knows from personal experience that choosing to live a clean, sober life is worth it; even with the short term discomfort that comes with this decision.

Living a clean and sober life

Why choosing to live a clean, sober life is worth it.

Many addicts know that quitting is not an easy task. Because of this, some justify that they are managing their addictions by pursuing clean, safe drugs from the many safe injection sites available in Canada.

Maybe they think they’ll quit one day. Maybe they feel in control of their addictions by managing them for the time being.

However, Andy Bhatti claims “they may never quit if they choose to simply reduce the harm with safe drugs instead of quitting”.

Safe injections and other similar methods only help individuals cope with the symptoms of their addictions, not the root causes. It should also be noted that although these methods do help individuals cope, overdoses are still possible in safe injection sites or with clean drugs.

Many individuals who choose to only reduce the harm are still blocking out their pain and emotions instead of dealing with it.

However, addiction is not an inescapable pattern of behaviour.

Andy Bhatti knows from personal experience that choosing to leave addictions in the past, and move on to live a good, happy life is possible. Making this decision is a short term loss, for a long term gain. He claims that if he can do it, it’s possible for anyone. 

If you, or someone you care about is currently struggling with addictions, counselling and intervention centres are available. Andy Bhatti provides services that can help you or them make the difficult decision to completely deal with addictions.

Andy Bhatti now offers personalized addiction services to help struggling individuals that aren’t able to do residential treatment due to their job or family life. He is also able to provide a doctor’s note for individuals to give to their workplace, incase they wish to discreetly deal with their addictions.

Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services interventionist have been helping hundreds of addicts get clean and sober for more than 10 years. Andy specializes in counseling services and drug interventions in Vancouver. In addition to BC intervention services, he also provides services throughout Canada.

If you or someone you care about needs help, contact Andy today.

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