Successful Interventions in Vancouver That Lead to Treatment

Successful Interventions in Vancouver That Lead to Treatment

If you’re looking into intervention services in Vancouver that lead to successful treatment through cohesive planning and preparation, you likely know somebody who is struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It’s important to have all of the information available before attempting to host an intervention service on your own, or without proper preparation.

We provide intervention services, recovery support, and successful treatment plans in the greater Vancouver area, and are here to help you. Not only do we host interventions in the Vancouver area, but we also provide services country-wide, and are available for 24/7 support and guidance.

Not sure what to expect during an intervention? Here’s a bit of preliminary information before you continue to seek intervention services.

What Is An Intervention and How Do They Work?

An intervention is a professionally-hosted meeting of concerned individuals who want to express their concerns about an addict’s behaviour and addiction, and ultimately see their loved one go into recovery to cease their drug and alcohol abuse. Interventions work because it gives the addict the opportunity to see that they have a group of supportive friends and family members who want to see them recover, and are willing to help them change their lives. Interventions are emotional events, and the most important part of hosting interventions is preparation for the emotions that can arise within all group members. It’s also important to have a clear plan for treatment that the individual can go directly to, and prepare to take next steps necessary if the individual refuses. This can be a refusal of support, or any other ultimatums set forth during the process.

Step One:

The first step of the intervention process is for you or somebody who is concerned about their friend or family who is abusing drugs and/or alcohol. We work with you to assess your goals for the intervention and provide you with information about our intervention processes and services. At this time we will be sure to gather the most information possible from you to determine the best treatment options.

Step Two:

The next step of the intervention is to determine the best time and place to host the intervention. At this time you will want to form your intervention group and gather the community of people who share the most concern for the addict. We will determine together at this time the best action to take after the intervention, and arrange the treatment services (rehab, detox, etc.)

Step Three:

Before the intervention itself, we will have a pre-intervention group meeting to go over all notes, concerns, and prepare for the steps during the intervention. At this time we will also go over any common outcomes, as well as preparation for any negative end results. It’s not uncommon for the addict to become defensive.

Step Four:

The fourth stage of an intervention is to have the pre-meeting and go over final notes, final run-through, and answer any last-minute questions. At this time the individual with the substance abuse issues is brought into the group and the intervention process begins.

Step Five:

Step five of an interview involves transporting the individual into their next step of treatment, which has been pre-determined based on the type of substance addiction and concern of those involved with the intervention. We will also plan for follow up support systems, as well as a post-treatment planning. After the treatment, the individual needs to have a continual support system, as well as considering their current lifestyle and arranging and addressing how to change their lifestyle habits upon release of the treatment centers.

What Makes a Successful Intervention?

To have a successful intervention it’s important to have everybody on the same page, in agreeance, and to be completely prepared for the best-case outcome. This includes having a treatment plan ready in place for the individual to go directly from the intervention. Preparation for this should be arranged with a treatment facility or detox center with the space available and expecting the individual’s arrival immediately after the intervention takes place.

It’s important to have the right team set in place. This includes a group of the individual’s closest friends, family, and coworkers if applicable. It also includes having an interventionist that you trust, and have been in good communication with.

Timing the intervention is another key factor. If the individual has been using and/or drinking, their emotions may be more out of control and possibly volatile. Try to pick a time when you know that they’re more likely to be sober, but not in active withdrawal.

What Can I Expect From A Loved One’s Intervention?

Preparation for intervention is one of the most important aspects so that everybody in participation is aware of the schedule and their requirements, and roles.

Expect that the person who is receiving the intervention may be upset, angry, sad, or emotional. Understandably there are a lot of emotions that are stirred when confronted, and they may initially resist treatment options. It’s at this time that the people involved must be willing to stick to their ultimatums, and if need be, be prepared to walk away from the individual’s life unless they take the help that’s offered.

In order to host a successful intervention in Vancouver which results in treatment, all of these abovementioned factors must be correctly facilitated by a professional interventionist, and preferably somebody who has years of experience in successful interventions in Vancouver.

What Happens After The Intervention?

As we’ve discussed, after the intervention the individual is then escorted (ideally from the intervention space, to immediate vehicle travel) to the treatment facility or detox center. Sometimes it can be necessary for the individual to first spend 7-10 days in a detox center, and then be moved to a longer-term treatment rehab facility where they can undergo counseling and other essential treatment services.

After their release from treatment, it’s imperative that the individual has all of the support necessary and in place for continued success in their sobriety, and continue on after a successful intervention.

What Is The Long-Term Success Rate Of Drug and Alcohol Interventions?

The long-term success rate of our drug and alcohol intervention services in Vancouver is exponentially higher, and have had more frequent intervention services leading to treatment, because we are a professional interventionist company serving Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and other major cities Canada-wide. We have a history of providing successful intervention services in Vancouver which have lead to long-term recovery.

When it comes to hosting a successful intervention, experience, and a good intervention team is key.

When Is It Time for An Intervention?

When you notice signs of struggle due to addiction to alcohol, drugs, or both in somebody that you know, it’s time for an intervention. The earlier that you can reach out to your loved one, the better the results, and the higher the success rate can be for that individual.

Next Steps For Intervention and Treatment in Vancouver

When it comes to hosting an intervention in Vancouver that will lead to long-term success and effective recovery, our team is here to help you. Our team works to intervene, support, counsel, and place people in the most appropriate treatment options in Vancouver, based on that individual’s needs. We assess your whole situation, and prepare everybody for the intervention process to take place, and guide each step of the way.

If somebody you know is in need of an intervention in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or any other major Canadian city, contact our team today. We’re happy to help you, and help your loved ones get their life back.

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