What are the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Canada

What are the Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Canada

Seeking a path to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, individuals and their loved ones are after nothing less than the best treatment centers that are offered. These centers are a lifeline for the necessary support, expertise, and guidance to aid in the navigation of the challenging journey of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. 


When looking for the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in Canada it is important to consider multiple factors:


  1. Accreditation and Licensing: Centers that are accredited relevant organizations in Canada, ensure that the center meets the standards of care and professionalism. 


  1. Evidence-Based Approaches: The best treatment centers typically use evidence-based practices, that can include cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing, and group therapy. It is important when considering a treatment center to look out for these offered treatments. 


  1. Qualified Staff: Ensure the staff, including therapists, counsellors, and medical professionals are qualified.


  1. Individualized Treatment Plans: Everyone that walks through the doors of a treatment facility has their own unique needs. The center should offer personalized treatment plans that address the specific needs of each individual.


  1. Medical and Psychological Support: Look for centers that offer both medical and psychological support. Detoxification, medical monitoring, and mental health services should all be provided within a treatment center. 


  1. Continuing Care: A comprehensive treatment center should offer a continuum of care, including detoxification, inpatient or residential treatment, outpatient programs, and aftercare support. 


  1. Relapse Prevention: A prime focus on relapse prevention strategies and coping skills is crucial. Effective centers help individuals develop tools to navigate triggers and challenges after treatment.


  1. Long-Term Support: Rehabilitation and recovery is an ongoing process. Centers that offer long-term support and resources to help individuals maintain their sobriety after completing the initial treatment phase can help set up those on their recovery journey for success. 


As of August, 2023, here is a list of the best Canadian licensed treatment, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. These treatment programs are accredited, licensed, and have a full medical team. They will also give refunds or credits if there is any issues.


The Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers:


The Healing Institute, Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia


The Healing Institute in Comox Valley offers the entirety of mental health and addiction recovery programs for all genders throughout their entire journey to healthy living. 


With both semi-private and private treatment options, the Healing Institute specializes in concurrent disorders, addiction, depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders. In addition, a comprehensive assessment process takes place that includes psychiatric, addiction, psychological, physical, nutritional, and recreational therapy assessment. 


At the Healing Institute, a full team of professionals meet the needs of each client by providing an individualized approach, to provide the necessary tools to manage their individual conditions, achieve sobriety, and maintain a long-term recovery.



High End Mental Health & Addiction Treatment

  • 15 beds
  • Call Ayden 1-587-985-8869


Addiction Rehab Toronto, Toronto, Ontario


Addiction Rehab Toronto is a fully accredited private facility that provides medical detox, psychotherapy & counselling, family counselling, and continuous post-treatment care. After treatment and life-time counselling sessions are provided as part of relapse prevention & sobriety maintenance, included in the program. 


At Addiction Rehab Toronto, program lengths are 30, 45, 60, or 90 days with the possibility of extensions. We begin with a Medical Detoxification provided by our doctors and nurses. We have nurses present 24/7 to guarantee comfort and safety. 


After the physical dependency is managed, psychological dependency is treated with our psychotherapists and addiction counsellors. We also treat any underlying mental health issues as it is a common association with substance abuse. 


Addiction Rehab Toronto is an exclusive accredited residential treatment facility for individuals who want to recover from alcohol and drug addiction. Our mission is to help individuals understand, recognize, and recover from the effects of addiction and to ultimately live fulfilling and rewarding lives. 



Sunshine Coast Health Center Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia


The Sunshine Coast Health Center for men is a certified B corporation in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Offering drug rehabilitation, alcohol treatment, trauma and PTSD therapy by approaching clients with the willingness to listen and help clients with their problems they bring. Alumni outpatient addiction services are offered so past clients can continue to have access to recovery support resources and connections. The Sunshine Coast Health Center believes in connection, excellence, dignity, and transparency to inform all levels of care at the clinic. 



Georgia Straight Women’s Clinic, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia


The Georgia Straight Women’s Clinic is a Certified B Corporation in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, offering high end trauma therapy, mental health, and addiction treatment. The Georgia Straight Women’s Clinic believes in connection, excellence, dignity, and transparency for the 30 day stay, to inform all levels of care at the clinic. 



INTO ACTION RECOVERY Surrey, British Columbia


Into Action Recovery is an addiction treatment center for men with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage, highly effective treatment. First stage consisting of the residential program, the second stage being the transitional program, and the third stage being long-term sober living. Into Action Recovery offers interventions and sober coaching, and private addiction treatment, located in Surrey, Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond, British Columbia. 


  • Rory +1 (236) 885-7770
  • 604-933-9003
  • Email – info@intoaction.ca


Edgewood – Nanaimo, BC


The Edgewood Health Network specializes in treating all types of addictions and related mental health concerns including depression, anxiety, trauma and PTSD, and eating disorders. The Edgewood Health Network is a private addiction treatment center with treatment options including alcohol addiction, drug and prescription medication treatment, depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder specialization, trauma, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, concurrent disorders, and codependency. In addition to the treatment options, Edgewood also provides treatment exclusive to military members, healthcare workers, and first responders. Edgewood provides ongoing outreach and support to their clients to aid in the goal of long-term recovery.



Cedars at Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Cedars at Cobble Hill is an addiction treatment facility with the purpose of real, attainable, and sustainable addiction recovery. Cedars offers programs for alcohol addiction, drug addiction, medical detoxification services, trauma, PTSD, and behavioural addiction. Cedars residential addiction treatment facility provides a complete network of support to help on your journey to recovery, in addition to individualized treatment plans to help you succeed and achieve long-term recovery. 



The Orchard, Bowen Island, British Columbia


The Orchard is an internationally accredited, private drug and alcohol treatment centre on Bowen Island, providing programs such as detoxification, primary care, family programs, extended care, and continuing care. The Orchard Recovery Center provides a full array of treatment options to meet the personal needs of their clients. Lengths of stay begin with a 12 day introduction to treatment, detox and stabilization, followed by 28 and 42 day programs to build on that foundation for recovery. 



The Dawn Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Dawn Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Center is located in Thailand where advanced therapeutic techniques are used, effective treatment programs are in place, and mental health experts are by your side to help you through your recovery. The Dawn is Asia’s only internationally accredited treatment center with separate programs for mental health and addiction rehab. Included at the Dawn Treatment Center is alcohol and drug addiction care, medical detoxification, behavioural addiction treatment, dual diagnoses, and mental health concerns. Mental health concerns ranging anxiety, depression, executive burnout, insomnia, mood disorder, PTSD and trauma, and personality disorder treatments. The Dawn awaits your life-changing journey. 


  • https://thedawnrehab.com/ 
  • Ohm +66 64 821 8934
  • US callers +1 844-216-6023
  • UK callers +44 8082-737549
  • Other countries +66 60 003 5312


Yatra Trauma Center, Phuket, Thailand


The Yatra Trauma Center owned by a Canadian addiction and trauma therapist is Asia’s leading trauma care facility, offering evidence-based trauma therapy to clients with a range of mental health concerns, and is one of the best trauma centers in the world. Provided at the Yatra includes eye movement desensitization reprocessing therapy, internal family systems therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and body work therapy. The Yatra has a passionate team, ready to help you find the best version of yourself.  



The Hills Treatment Centre, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The Hills Treatment Center is a high end trauma and addiction facility with failure to launch programs. It is the most reputable luxury rehab facility with an exclusive 20 bed inpatient treatment center for a wide range of addiction and co-occurring issues with the aim to create a healthy mind and body, located in the foothills of Northern Thailand. Services include, alcohol, burnout, drugs, dual diagnoses, orthorexia, prescription drugs, trauma and PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Included at this facility is an onsite hospital. In addition, the presences of the opportunity to discover the wonders of Chiang Mai, through excursions of Thailand’s cultural gem. 




These centers not only facilitate recovery but also empower individuals to reclaim their lives and reintegrate into society as a healthier, stronger, and more resilient individual. By prioritizing this support, Canada’s best drug rehabilitation centers are not just transformative for individuals and their families, but also contribute to the health of a society. 

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