Youth Addiction Services in Vancouver – Andy Bhatti Interventions

Youth Addiction Services in Vancouver – Andy Bhatti Interventions

Drug addiction across Canada is a serious problem and causes great harm to both the individual, the family, friends and community, and society at large. There is a great need to educate and support our youth as they navigate the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and addiction.

Andy Bhatti Interventions offers Youth Addiction Services in Vancouver. The goal is to prevent and reduce drug and alcohol use and help young people address their substance abuse through our services.

Friends and family are also affected by the substance abuse and they may need support and counseling throughout the intervention process. Our drug and alcohol abuse support services include educating friends and family about the signs of abuse, the methods they can use to approach youth about alcohol or drug use, and the treatment options available for the substance abuser.

Andy Bhatti youth addiction services provides information on key areas of concern including:

  • Signs your child is using
  • The right time to seek treatment
  • Addiction therapy and counseling
  • Harm reduction programs
  • Treatment programs


In addition to educating family members, we help youth learn the facts about addiction while offering support. Our youth addiction services not only help those before an intervention or patients who are currently in treatment, it also helps support youth after treatment to ensure they don’t fall back into old habits and re-abuse.

Youth addiction services helps fight addictive behaviours over the long-term by identifying and naming specific symptoms, and learning to recognize the events that trigger them. Many people who abuse drugs or alcohol have a history of trauma and/or abuse. Recognizing the root cause of addiction is a major step in the prevention of a relapse, and providing the right counseling to guide the patient through this process is vital to a successful outcome.

We provide several different group or individual therapy sessions that focus on changing patterns of thinking or behaving. This process identifies destructive thought patterns and helps the patient establish healthier thought patterns. We focus on building self- awareness and emotional intelligence to build the self-esteem and self-confidence that will help the youth re-integrate into society post treatment.

When dealing with addiction, our young people don’t know what to expect from treatment centers or prescribed medications, and this can make it more difficult to accept treatment. We
provide education on treatment and treatment centres, medications, and what to expect during withdrawal and after treatment. This approach is based on empathy and respect for the individual, the addict feels less afraid and punished, and more supported and understood.

This process of education and communication has proven to be successful in the identification of drug addiction and the subsequent intervention.

Prevention is always better than intervention. If you are concerned about a youth who may be using or addicted to drugs or alcohol, reach out. When you need advice on how to talk to kids, teens and adult children about issues such as substance use or overdose, we can help.

It’s never too early to intervene, and contrary to popular belief, nobody has to hit rock bottom before they can begin to heal.

Andy Bhatti Interventions offers individual, group, and emergency counseling. As a professional interventionist, he can offer the right advice and provide the steps towards the successful intervention and recovery from substance abuse. If, at any time, you want to know more about the services offered, please contact us.

Our goal is to help you and your family heal and move on to live a happy, healthy addiction free life.

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