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Alberta Drug Addiction Interventions
Alberta Interventions Lead to Long-term Recovery

An intervention is a big step to take. In many cases, a family will only reach out to an interventionist for help when everything else they have tried has failed and when communication has broken down to the point where there is hostility. Many families believe...

Interventions Services in Vancouver BC
How Vancouver Interventions Help Save Lives

In 2019, the BC Coroners’ Service data showed that 182 people in Vancouver died of an overdose within the first six months of last year, and although the number of deaths from drug overdoses is falling, Vancouver continues to have the highest number of deaths...

Alberta Interventions
Help for Alberta Families Struggling with Addiction

Far too many families in Alberta are struggling with the issue of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. For some families it is dealing with teenagers or young adults who are addicted to drugs, and for other families it is the mother, the father, or...

Edmonton Intervention Services
Edmonton Interventions and Addiction Services

The cost of addiction is high, and not just from an economic perspective. Addiction is associated with a higher rate of premature deaths, and not only from overdose. Death through addiction arises from several conditions that range from infectious, cardiorespiratory, and gastrointestinal diseases to trauma...

Edmonton Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction Affects Families in Edmonton

Substance abuse and addiction are the two most common causes that lead to homelessness, and for many who have reached that point, a happy future seems out of reach, but it’s not. With the right treatment and support, recovery is possible. However, in many families, the...

Alcohol Abuse Vancouver
Alcohol Abuse in Vancouver

There’s a lot of news about opioid addiction in Vancouver, and it is a serious issue, but unfortunately, there is another substance that is widely abused, and it’s not illegal, it’s wholly legal and is widely endorsed and promoted. In terms of the cost to society...

Interventions Ontario
Intervention for Opioid Addiction in Ontario

The opioid crisis in Ontario is a complex public health problem, and there are many factors that have led to the significant increase in opioid addiction, but the two most common factors are high rates of opioid prescriptions and the proliferation of strong synthetic opioids...

Lethbridge Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction in Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge has a population of around 101,482; it’s a relatively small city, but it has a big drug problem, and in recent years, residents of the city have watched drug-related activity grow. Lethbridge has one government funded safe consumption site; shockingly, it is...

Meth Intervention & Recovery Edmonton
The Cost of Meth Addiction in Edmonton

This year was a big year for Edmonton, but not in a good way. According to a report from the CBC, police have seen an increase in the number of street seizures of meth to almost double what it was four years ago. Take a...

Teens in Alberta alcohol and party addiction
The Impact of Peer Pressure & Partying in Alberta

Peer pressure is recognized as one of the strongest causes of juvenile delinquency and adolescent substance use. We know how hard it can be to resist peer pressure as adults, but as teenagers it is even more difficult to resist peer pressure. Research has shown that...

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