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There is a multitude of addiction treatments in Alberta and other locations in Canada. This can range from the initial intervention and residential rehabilitation to outpatient and home-based treatments. Residential and Outpatient Options in Alberta Those who are suffering from substance or alcohol abuse and addiction include...

Codependency with Substances in Canada Overcoming a co-dependent relationship is never easy, especially when the relationship is with an addiction, and denial doesn’t make it any easier. For those fighting and those supporting a family member or a friend with addiction issues or alcoholism, an the intervention will help...

The dangers of abusing medications like Zopiclone or Melatonin apply to everyone, anyone is vulnerable to addiction. Typically, Zopiclone and Melatonin are taken short-term to help people suffering from insomnia, and problems going to or staying asleep. When taken long-term, sleeping medications can cause dependency...

This type of substance abuse occurs when people take medications that are prescribed for someone else or take more than the recommended dosage. Early detection and intervention is important to prevent this from becoming a larger problem....

The opioid epidemic is taking lives and abolishing families across Vancouver and the province of British Columbia. British Columbia’s Coroners Service says opioid-related deaths in June 2022 alone...

Vancouver is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Canada, with a growing population of over 2.6 million. The growth in population unfortunately has also led to a growth in addiction and overdose-related deaths. In 2016, following a significant increase in opioid-related overdose deaths from...

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