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Support for Relapse in Vancouver
Staging a Vancouver Intervention After a Relapse

Relapsing in Vancouver, BC Completing a treatment program and maintaining sobriety is not easy, and requires a copious amount of work and support. Although the person has learned essential tools for coping and managing risky behaviour in order to live a successful and healthy life; the...

Vancouver Intervention Leads To Treatment
Successful Interventions in Vancouver That Lead to Treatment

If you’re looking into intervention services in Vancouver that lead to successful treatment through cohesive planning and preparation, you likely know somebody who is struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. It’s important to have all of the information available before attempting to host...

Intervention and Treatment Services in Calgary and Edmonton

When somebody you know is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch them suffer through their addiction. A lot of times when an individual is suffering through addiction, they don’t realize how out of control their problem has gotten, or don’t...

What is a Vancouver Drug & Alcohol Intervention

A drug or alcohol intervention is a structured conversation between your loved ones, the addict or alcoholic and a Vancouver interventionist. Drug and alcohol interventions can help the addict’s loved ones talk about their feelings in a caring and loving way. When talking to the addict or...

Cocaine in Vancouver
Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction in Vancouver

In large cities like Vancouver where we’re swamped and surrounded by nightclubs, bars, pubs, and liquor stores - alcohol is everywhere and easily abundant. It’s a drug that’s accepted and even encouraged in certain social situations and large gatherings. The immediate effects of alcohol are...

Resources and Addiction Services for Methamphetamine in Edmonton

If you’ve ever seen first-hand the devastating effects of a methamphetamine addiction, you’ll know just how dangerous this drug can truly be. It’s so dangerous that even after a few uses, the user ends up unknowingly addicted. It’s a popular choice for young teenagers, even...

Calgary Interventions
What Happens After an Alcohol Intervention in Alberta?

It’s now time for the alcohol intervention with family members and caring friends. The issues from the alcoholic’s behaviour that has led up to the intervention today has been hard and very challenging with many concerns and questions about what happens after the intervention. Andy...

Ontario Interventions
Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in Ontario

Addiction to drugs and/or alcohol tends to take a person by force, and changes everything about that person. It can turn from experimentation to casual/weekend use, to dependency/addiction in seemingly a blink of an eye. It’s difficult to watch somebody in our lives go through...

Fentanyl Addiction In Vancouver

The Dangers of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside In more recent years, we’ve seen an increase in fentanyl-related overdoses surging in Vancouver, particularly in the downtown east side part of the city. With the rise of housing prices in Vancouver causing rising cases of homelessness and the influx...

Alcohol Abuse Programs Calgary
Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Programs in Calgary & Edmonton, Alberta.

Get Clean and Sober through Our Successful Interventions and Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs. At Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services we use innovative drug addiction and alcohol abuse programs, evidence-based treatment methods, non 12 step options and lived experience counselling options. Our goal is to...

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