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With a population of over 1.4 million people, Edmonton is Canada’s fifth-largest city and continues to grow. Known for its natural beauty, culture, history and attractions, Edmonton is a city for everyone. It is home to Canada's largest living history museum, Canada's largest historical park...

Crack cocaine is probably a drug you’ve heard of before. And maybe even a drug you have opinions on, or on the users of it. However, you may not know all the technical elements about what is crack cocaine. For instance, when you think cocaine, you may...

Addiction is an issue that affects many Canadians. And it’s known that there can be a genetic component to it. The ideology of old that addiction is somehow solely a choice is being done away with, as it should be. It’s outdated. However, that alone doesn’t...

Andy Bhatti is a well-known Drug and Alcohol Interventionist and 2015 Courage to Come Back Award Recipient. Andy Bhatti has been working in the field of addiction, sexual abuse prevention, and interventions for many years. He is an avid public speaker, attending numerous speaking engagements about alcoholism, addiction,...

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