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Opioids are one of the most commonly abused drugs, as a majority of opiate and opioid addiction stems from prescriptions. While fentanyl is now found as a street drug, it’s actually used in patch form in hospitals for pain management in a generally safe environment...

As a major Canadian city, Toronto has a massively dense population, busy streets, and lots to offer for entertainment, including a bustling nightlife filled with liquor stores, bars, pubs, and clubs. Notably, alcohol goes hand-in-hand with a densely populated night lifestyle in a major city...

I grew up in a very close loving family on a five acre hobby farm on the outskirts of Vancouver, BC. We never went without food, clothing or toys and there was no abuse to speak of. I never saw my parents drunk or fighting....

Sometimes we can think we are set up with the right tools to handle whatever comes our way in recovery but even those with the strongest recovery program can fall prey to unforeseen events such as what's going on with the world today. The isolation...

Cocaine is a highly addictive substance that has profound and deteriorating effects on relationships, employment, and health. Being stuck in a cycle of using cocaine can be frustrating and overwhelming. We can help with getting you out of the grips of a cocaine addiction by...

Admitting drinking has become a problem in your life can be very difficult and confusing for anyone. No one wants to admit that their misuse of alcohol is hurting themselves and/or their families. You do not start drinking expecting alcohol to become an issue ever....

Opiates are among the most addictive substances in Vancouver. Thousands of prescriptions are written every month in British Columbia, by family doctors trying to help clients with pain management. Many people develop an addiction because of their prescribed opiate dose. Many doctors in Vancouver, British...

Do I Have A Problem With Alcohol? The chances are if you’re asking yourself this question, you may already know that you potentially have a problem with alcohol. To determine whether or not alcohol is affecting your life in detrimental ways, ask yourself the following questions: ...

What Is Drug Addiction? Drug addiction is developed through a multitude of factors which form the ‘perfect storm’ and create the environment and opportunity for somebody to become physically, psychologically, and emotionally dependent upon illicit substances such as crystal meth, heroin, crack cocaine, prescription pills, and...

Being an “enabler” is a common term used when dealing with a family member or friend who has a loved one suffering with addiction. Although the term is used often, many people find it difficult to recognize the difference between enabling and normal helping. If...

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