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Intervention for an Alcoholic Spouse
Interventions in Calgary for an Alcoholic Spouse

Are you concerned that your spouse is drinking too much? According to the Canadian Institute for Health, alcohol was linked to 77,000 hospitalizations in 2015, that’s an average of about 210 a day. And a recent study has revealed that Alberta has higher than average...

Family Addiction Services Vancouver
Family Support for Addictions in Vancouver

Addiction is a disease, and like all diseases, it doesn’t just go away by itself – it needs treatment. Every parent’s worst fear is that their child is doing drugs, and if they discover that this is a fact, they will experience a deluge of...

Fentanyl Crisis Calgary
A Fentanyl Crisis in Calgary

Calgary is in the grips of a fentanyl crisis and more interventions are needed to save lives. But the problem with fentanyl-laced drugs reaches much further than statistics on overdoses and deaths; one of the most serious issues with drug abuse is long-term brain damage and...

The Importance of Aftercare Treatment in Calgary

If you have just helped a love one through and intervention, congratulations. That was probably one of the most difficult challenges you have had to face. However, the intervention is just the first step in the process of rehabilitation. Committing to an aftercare treatment program...

Vancouver Interventions
Vancouver Interventions Lead to Long-Term Recovery

According to the 2012 Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey, an estimated 21.6% of Canada’s population met the criteria for a substance use disorder. That’s a quarter of the country’s population. Everyone knows someone who has struggled with substance abuse, and while addiction is...

Interventions for Healthy Boundaries
Successful Interventions Set Healthy Boundaries

An intervention and the following period of treatment is a difficult time. Friends and family who are supporting their loved one need to set clear boundaries to ensure they maintain their emotional wellbeing throughout the duration of treatment. Healthy boundaries are essential to healthy relationships at...

Calgary Addiction Services
Calgary Interventions – The First Step in Recovery

You know something has to change. You know that you and your family can’t go on living this way. You are concerned that a person you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, but you are not sure what to do. Does any of the...

Vancouver Youth Addiction Services
Youth Addiction Services in Vancouver – Andy Bhatti Interventions

Drug addiction across Canada is a serious problem and causes great harm to both the individual, the family, friends and community, and society at large. There is a great need to educate and support our youth as they navigate the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and...

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