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How Long to Stay in Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centre
How Long Should You Stay in Vancouver Rehab?

In today’s culture, we are bombarded with messages that encourage social drug taking and drinking, and it is often depicted as glamorous and cool, or sexy and sophisticated. But there is nothing cool, glamorous, or sexy about watching a loved one become incoherent, incapacitated, and ill...

Can You Force Someone into Vancouver Rehab?

The number of deaths through drug addiction in Vancouver is unprecedented. Reports show that in March 2018 there were 161 deaths from drug overdoses, and the number and frequency of deaths by drug overdose has been steadily increasing month by month. If you know someone who...

Calgary Drug Treatment Steps
4 Steps to Take if an Addict Refuses Calgary Drug Treatment

When someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you want to help them kick the habit before their mental and physical health deteriorates, and that means getting them into a treatment center as quickly as possible. But, unfortunately, someone in the grips of an...

Vancouver Intervention Services
How Vancouver Interventions Lead to Treatment

Overdose rates in B.C. have been the cause for extreme concern. In April 2016, it was declared a public health emergency.Despite the increase in drug treatment centers, the high number of overdoses and overdose deaths throughout the province has increased. In 2016 the CBC conducted research...

Albertans Seek Addiction Help in Vancouver
Why Albertan Clients Choose Vancouver for Rehab Treatment

Increasingly, more Albertans are going to Vancouver for rehab treatment. This may seem like a long way to go to seek rehab treatment, but there a few good reasons behind this decision. Most Albertans have found that rehab treatment costs less in Vancouver, the programs...

Calgary Drug & Alcohol Intervention for Teens
Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Calgary Teens

Scott Holden was 12 years old when he had his first drink, by Grade 10 he was arrested for breaking into cars; by Grade 12 he was high more often than he was sober. This once bright, athletic kid had an addiction problem, and like so...

Vancouver drug and alcohol intervention services
Alcohol Addiction and Intervention in Vancouver

Alcohol is responsible for more deaths and domestic violence than drugs, and yet it is widely ignored as a problem substance. An estimated four percent of the population over the age of 15 is dependent on alcohol in Canada, and young adults between the ages of...

Intervention for an Alcoholic Spouse
Interventions in Calgary for an Alcoholic Spouse

Are you concerned that your spouse is drinking too much? According to the Canadian Institute for Health, alcohol was linked to 77,000 hospitalizations in 2015, that’s an average of about 210 a day. And a recent study has revealed that Alberta has higher than average...

Family Addiction Services Vancouver
Family Support for Addictions in Vancouver

Addiction is a disease, and like all diseases, it doesn’t just go away by itself – it needs treatment. Every parent’s worst fear is that their child is doing drugs, and if they discover that this is a fact, they will experience a deluge of...

Fentanyl Crisis Calgary
A Fentanyl Crisis in Calgary

Calgary is in the grips of a fentanyl crisis and more interventions are needed to save lives. But the problem with fentanyl-laced drugs reaches much further than statistics on overdoses and deaths; one of the most serious issues with drug abuse is long-term brain damage and...

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