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Lethbridge Drug Addiction
Drug Addiction in Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge has a population of around 101,482; it’s a relatively small city, but it has a big drug problem, and in recent years, residents of the city have watched drug-related activity grow. Lethbridge has one government funded safe consumption site; shockingly, it is...

Meth Intervention & Recovery Edmonton
The Cost of Meth Addiction in Edmonton

This year was a big year for Edmonton, but not in a good way. According to a report from the CBC, police have seen an increase in the number of street seizures of meth to almost double what it was four years ago. Take a...

Teens in Alberta alcohol and party addiction
The Impact of Peer Pressure & Partying in Alberta

Peer pressure is recognized as one of the strongest causes of juvenile delinquency and adolescent substance use. We know how hard it can be to resist peer pressure as adults, but as teenagers it is even more difficult to resist peer pressure. Research has shown that...

Cocaine Addiction in Calgary
Cocaine Addiction in Calgary

Crack, coke, powder, ball, blow: these are the many names of cocaine that are used in countless drug deals across the streets of Calgary. And while many people think it’s just a party drug, the reality is that cocaine addiction quickly becomes a daily habit...

Meth addiction in Kelowna
Methamphetamine – A Global and Local Issue

It’s cheap. It’s nasty. And it’s in your Kelowna neighbourhood. Methamphetamine addiction is an increasing problem in many regions around the world. As the most widely manufactured amphetamine-type stimulant, it is the second most commonly used illicit drug worldwide. Recent indicators such as seizure statistics suggest that...

Fort Mac Drug Addiction
Fort McMurray Oil Workers Struggling with Addiction

It’s a grueling job: long hours and hard work. The work is often dirty, dark, noisy, and dangerous. And half the country thinks you are responsible for wrecking the environment, when all you are trying to do is earn a decent living. This is Fort Mac,...

Calgary Drug Addiction Help
The Drug Addiction Awareness Doctor Calgary

In 2018, Calgarians heard the sad news of Alexandra Sheichuk who left her home in Calgary and traveled 12000 kilometers to a monastery to seek help for her drug addiction. The monastery was well known for its detox program. Alexandra was a ballet dancer, who...

Teenagers and Alcohol Addiction
Talk to Your Teenager about Alcohol Addiction in Alberta

Tim Stockwell is the director with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria, and recently he has stated that tobacco and alcohol are killing ten times more people than other illicit drugs combined. In Canada, substance use costs society $38.4 billion...

Women and alcohol abuse
Women and Alcohol Abuse in Alberta

Binge drinking is defined as more than five drinks on one occasion, and in Alberta, 14.1% of young women between the ages of 18 and 20 binge drink once a week. Binge drinking among Canadian students is particularly high, with 62.7% reporting five or more...

Opiate Addiction Interventions
Opiate Addiction in Calgary

In Canada, 4460 deaths occurred in 2018 after overdosing on opioids – that’s one life every two hours. In Alberta, the total number of deaths related to opiate addiction was 775, and in British Columbia, the number of deaths was double that, reaching 1525. And...

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