The Best Detox Centres in Kamloops: How To Pick The Right One

The Best Detox Centres in Kamloops: How To Pick The Right One

Making the decision to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one is one of the most difficult steps in the process. But trying to find the right detox center doesn’t have to be trial and error. We’ve compiled a list of several detox centers in the Kamloops area to help you choose the best detox center for you or someone you care about.

How to Choose the Best Detox Centre in Kamloops for You

When deciding which Kamloops detox center is right for you it’s important to consider things like

  • Location
  • Services offered
  • Costs
  • Testimonials and Reviews

Studies show that detox alone is usually insufficient for overcoming drug or alcohol addiction long term. More often than not, without further support, addictions that aren’t properly managed usually lead to relapse. Sadly, deaths related to drug or alcohol addiction in Canada have increased over the past decade. Commonly misused substances that typically require a treatment plan following detox include

  1. Alcohol
  2. Tobacco
  3. Cannabis
  4. Prescription medication
  5. Illicit drugs


Therefore, finding the best Kamloops detox facility also requires choosing a Kamloops detox treatment centre to follow on the path to recovery. Addiction treatment and support services are important steps after detox.


The table below shows key areas of focus that an effective addiction treatment program may address with an individual in recovery.


Medical Health and medical history and any current prescriptions.
Social Family dynamics and the individual’s level of social support (friends, relatives, community).
Psychological May involve asking about an individual’s motivations to get sober or an evaluation of co-occurring issues.
Legal Past or pending legal matters.


Here are several of the best Kamloops detox centers and a breakdown of what they have to offer someone seeking help.

Foothills Detox

Located in Southern Alberta, Foothills detox is an adult detox program that provides addiction help and offers daily support in a structured group setting. The Foothills detox program helps clients understand how addictions develop by presenting factual and relevant information, with the mission of guiding clients’ first steps toward treatment. If you or a loved one is considering detox at Foothills detox Kamloops, you or they must call and go through an initial phone interview and initial evaluation before being considered for admission. A fee is not required for admissions to the Foothills detox center as costs are covered by Alberta Health Care.

foothills detox kamloops


At Foothills detox clients learn about addiction by watching informative videos and listening to supportive lectures. Other services they offer include the following.


Foothills detox is for males and females 18 years of age and older seeking detox and recovery from alcohol or drugs. The detox process is typically done over five days. However, because every adult will be assessed individually, accommodations can be made should a longer stay be needed.

Case Manager Support

Clients can choose to work one-on-one with a case manager for individual help.

Daily Group Discussions

Group discussions at Foothills detox aim to foster a better understanding of addictions and how they develop, offer clients resources and a sense of direction in their treatment, and increase self-awareness.

Relapse Prevention

Clients who feel they’re at high risk for relapse can stay for two or three days to realign themselves with their sobriety. This service is typically for those who have been sober for some time but are feeling vulnerable to relapse for any reason.


Group lectures are open to past members by request or appointment.


A fee is not required for admissions to the Foothills detox center. Costs are covered by Alberta Health Care.


Foothills detox center testimonials rave about its friendly and respectful staff that provides plenty of support, excellent and informative programs, and a safe and friendly environment for those seeking help with addiction.

Sage Treatment Center

Located in Kamloops, BC, Sage treatment center is set on a secluded private property and can hold up to 28 clients at maximum capacity. Sage treatment center is one of the most comprehensive treatment programs in Kamloops offering addiction treatment programs for adults in a co-ed housing environment.

sage treatment kamloops

Abstaining from substances for at least five days is mandatory before admission into one of their treatment programs and they offer detox services at no additional cost if it’s needed. Detox arrangements are made through Sage treatment center and completed at the local medical detox facility. Screening for drugs or alcohol is done at intake and throughout the program.


Sage treatment center treats adults that are struggling with addiction and provides essential services to

  1. Families
  2. Employers
  3. Referrals


A wide range of services that they offer are designed to help clients overcome addiction before, during, and after treatment.

Medical Assessment and Treatment

A full medical evaluation is done by the medical team at Sage treatment center which may include lab work and diagnostics when necessary. Clients who are in recovery while treating other disorders that require medication are provided with proper care by medical staff. Clinical and medical assessments are provided in addition to undergoing urinalysis screenings taken at random. In addition to medical services, clinical treatments may include

  • Chiropractic care
  • Dental care
  • Clinical massage

Group Therapy with Virtual Therapy Option

Additionally, individual therapy is available as well as trauma and family counselling. Some studies show that group approaches to treatment are most effective, improving positive outcomes like abstinence and rates of substance use among clients.

Relapse Prevention

Before being discharged, clients get a personalized plan to help them identify signs of relapse or personal triggers. The in-depth plan includes actionable prevention strategies the client can use to help them stay sober after treatment.


Because treatment is an ongoing process, the best Kamloops detox treatment centre will provide ongoing support. A Kamloops detox center like Sage helps clients maintain sobriety with a post-treatment continuing care plan that includes wellness strategies and outpatient support. Additionally, resources are provided when clients are discharged, such as 

  • Connections to support networks within the community
  • Unlimited access to virtual continuing care groups


An abstinence-based residential treatment facility, Sage treatment center offers individualized plans with a minimum commitment of 28 days and up to 84 days of in-house care for clients struggling with addiction. They offer comprehensive treatment through four in-patient program options.

  1. Basic
  2. Standard
  3. Recommended
  4. Enhanced


Each program is customized to the client’s needs according to initial screenings. A clinical or staff team member monitors clients daily and provides weekly evaluations. Here’s an at-a-glance look at the programs offered by Sage Treatment Center to help you compare program costs.


Program Commitment Private Room Semi-Private Room
Basic 28 day $9,950 $7,950
Standard 42 days $14,925 $11,925
Recommended 56 days $19,900 $15,900
Enhanced 84 days $29,850 $23,850


Private rooms include a double bed and a private bathroom. While semi-private rooms include two single beds and a shared bathroom.


Client testimonials describe Sage treatment center as life-changing and describe the support staff and other members as compassionate and accepting. Other testimonials describe their experience in treatment as a time they were able to cultivate a sense of inner peace. As one of the most comprehensive Kamloops detox centers in the area, Sage treatment center is a top choice among detox centers in BC.

Phoenix Detox Center Kamloops

Phoenix detox center Kamloops is a detox facility dedicated to providing young patients detox services around the clock. As one of the only youth detox Kamloops locations, Phoenix Kamloops treatment centre typically admits patients who are 19 years of age or older. However, individuals that are younger than 19 may be accepted into the Phoenix Kamloops detox program on a case-by-case basis. Statistics show that 60% of illicit drug users in Canada are between 15 and 24 years old.



The services provided at Phoenix Center are focused on younger male and female clients seeking help with overcoming addiction.


Phoenix detox center Kamloops provides 24-hour medically safe detox services. Phoenix detox center Kamloops is a treatment center and Kamloops detox location with a total of 20 beds. They provide double occupancy rooms to patients detoxing from drugs or alcohol.

Youth Outreach

As a youth Kamloops detox facility, Phoenix center offers younger clients the opportunity to get treatment-related counselling.

Raven Program

The youth-centred program works with young clients struggling with substance use issues, their families, and the community. The program’s mission is to provide counselling, support, and education to promote a healthier lifestyle instead of using drugs or alcohol.

Osprey Program

Osprey is a female-centred youth Kamloops detox program at Phoenix center. The program helps young female clients (12-18) with substance use issues develop a healthier, holistic approach to living.


Phoenix detox center Kamloops in-patient detox services are open to admitting patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no cost for admissions with the exception of fees related to medications that might be necessary for a client’s treatment.


Reviewers describe Phoenix detox center staff as caring, professional, and truly amazing people. They describe the facility as a comfortable place to detox with quiet rooms, good food, and comfortable beds.


If you are ready to take a step forward alongside someone you care about, please reach out today for a consultation.

Call our emergency 24-hour intervention phone line at 1-888-960-3209 or call Andy Bhatti directly at 1-604-309-1573.

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