Intervention and Treatment Services in Calgary and Edmonton

When somebody you know is struggling with a substance abuse disorder, it’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch them suffer through their addiction. A lot of times when an individual is suffering through addiction, they don’t realize how out of control their problem has gotten, or don’t...

Calgary Interventions
What Happens After an Alcohol Intervention in Alberta?

It’s now time for the alcohol intervention with family members and caring friends. The issues from the alcoholic’s behaviour that has led up to the intervention today has been hard and very challenging with many concerns and questions about what happens after the intervention. Andy...

Alcohol Addiction Help
Is Your Loved One an Alcoholic or Addict?

Answer as many of these questions as you can. If your answer yes, take a moment to look over the question and write out a honest answer or remember a situation when this has happened.  These questions will help with Step One of any drug...

Opiates addiction Calgary
The Effects Of Opiate and Fentanyl Addiction In Calgary

Since the 1990s, opioid addiction has been increasing steadily, seeing a much larger increase in major cities in Canada, such as Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. The majority of opiate abuse and the highest number of overdoses occur in Alberta and British Columbia. In recent years we’ve...

Intervention Benefits in Calgary, Alberta
Key Benefits of Intervention Services in Calgary

Intervention services in Calgary provide care for all members of society. The people who suffer from alcohol or drug addiction do not belong to one demographic. Addiction is a disease that can affect everyone, including teenagers and the elderly; the unemployed, people in trades, and...

Cocaine Addiction in Calgary
Cocaine Addiction in Calgary

Crack, coke, powder, ball, blow: these are the many names of cocaine that are used in countless drug deals across the streets of Calgary. And while many people think it’s just a party drug, the reality is that cocaine addiction quickly becomes a daily habit...

Calgary Drug Addiction Help
The Drug Addiction Awareness Doctor Calgary

In 2018, Calgarians heard the sad news of Alexandra Sheichuk who left her home in Calgary and traveled 12000 kilometers to a monastery to seek help for her drug addiction. The monastery was well known for its detox program. Alexandra was a ballet dancer, who...

Opiate Addiction Interventions
Opiate Addiction in Calgary

In Canada, 4460 deaths occurred in 2018 after overdosing on opioids – that’s one life every two hours. In Alberta, the total number of deaths related to opiate addiction was 775, and in British Columbia, the number of deaths was double that, reaching 1525. And...

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