Cocaine Addiction in Calgary
Cocaine Addiction in Calgary

Crack, coke, powder, ball, blow: these are the many names of cocaine that are used in countless drug deals across the streets of Calgary. And while many people think it’s just a party drug, the reality is that cocaine addiction quickly becomes a daily habit...

Calgary Drug Addiction Help
The Drug Addiction Awareness Doctor Calgary

In 2018, Calgarians heard the sad news of Alexandra Sheichuk who left her home in Calgary and traveled 12000 kilometers to a monastery to seek help for her drug addiction. The monastery was well known for its detox program. Alexandra was a ballet dancer, who...

Opiate Addiction Interventions
Opiate Addiction in Calgary

In Canada, 4460 deaths occurred in 2018 after overdosing on opioids – that’s one life every two hours. In Alberta, the total number of deaths related to opiate addiction was 775, and in British Columbia, the number of deaths was double that, reaching 1525. And...

Calgary Intervention Services
How Intervention Addiction Services Can Help You

Calgary intervention addiction services have helped many individuals and families enter into treatment programs and commit to a life of sobriety. Interventionists know that drug addiction can be treated successfully, but it’s not a simple process. Successful treatment has several steps including: Detoxification to arrest the...

Calgary Addiction Intervention
Calgary Interventions and Medications for Addiction Treatment

The opioid crisis in Alberta is widespread and well-known, and while a $1.4 million grant program has funded 29 projects to raise awareness, everyone who is close to someone addicted to drugs knows that opiate addiction is just one of many substances that can cause...

Vancouver Interventions Lead to Positive Outcome
Calgary Interventions and the Addiction Treatment Process

Addiction is a complex disease that affects brain function and behavior, and while it is treatable, there isn’t one single treatment that is right for everyone. We are all unique individuals with a unique DNA, and personal physical and mental history, and every patient who is...

Calgary Drug Treatment Steps
4 Steps to Take if an Addict Refuses Calgary Drug Treatment

When someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol, you want to help them kick the habit before their mental and physical health deteriorates, and that means getting them into a treatment center as quickly as possible. But, unfortunately, someone in the grips of an...

Calgary Drug & Alcohol Intervention for Teens
Alcohol and Drug Intervention for Calgary Teens

Scott Holden was 12 years old when he had his first drink, by Grade 10 he was arrested for breaking into cars; by Grade 12 he was high more often than he was sober. This once bright, athletic kid had an addiction problem, and like so...

Intervention for an Alcoholic Spouse
Interventions in Calgary for an Alcoholic Spouse

Are you concerned that your spouse is drinking too much? According to the Canadian Institute for Health, alcohol was linked to 77,000 hospitalizations in 2015, that’s an average of about 210 a day. And a recent study has revealed that Alberta has higher than average...

Fentanyl Crisis Calgary
A Fentanyl Crisis in Calgary

Calgary is in the grips of a fentanyl crisis and more interventions are needed to save lives. But the problem with fentanyl-laced drugs reaches much further than statistics on overdoses and deaths; one of the most serious issues with drug abuse is long-term brain damage and...

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