What Happens After an Alcohol Intervention in Alberta?

What Happens After an Alcohol Intervention in Alberta?

It’s now time for the alcohol intervention with family members and caring friends. The issues from the alcoholic’s behaviour that has led up to the intervention today has been hard and very challenging with many concerns and questions about what happens after the intervention. Andy Bhatti Interventions will help assist during and after the intervention with all questions addressed to make sure their loved one is safe in a Calgary treatment center.

Drug and alcohol interventions can be thought of as safe way of confronting the loved one about their drinking problems and making sure the intervention client gets to treatment in a safe and caring way. Interventions are held for many reasons ranging from alcohol or drug abuse to internet, gambling or even gaming addictions. The goal of the intervention is the same—to have an addicted individual accept the situation and agree to receive help from the family and interventionist then go to an addiction treatment center in Calgary, Alberta.

The parents or children of the alcoholic may feel like they are betraying their loved one.
That’s is 100% not true. Interventions help save lives. Our professional Calgary drug and alcohol interventionists have helped over 200 Albertans get to treatment. Interventions are built on love with care and concern for the suffering alcoholic or drug addict. Once the Calgary intervention has been concluded, the next few steps lead to a healthier, happier and clean sober life. Getting alcohol treatment is integral. Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services work only with the top Canadian intervention specialists in Canada to help families and friends make a difference in their loved ones’ lives. Our professional alcohol interventions are successful and lead to treatment in Calgary, Alberta.

During an Intervention for Families in Calgary

People suffering from substance abuse issues sometimes see it as impossible for them to witness they have a serious problem or that the addiction is destroying their life and their families lives.
Drug addicts usually try to find any excuse to refuse intervention help or even go to a drug or alcohol treatment program. By collaborating together as a family ahead of time in the pre-intervention, families get stronger and realize they have the power to help save a person’s life. Having a drug and alcohol treatment center in place in Calgary will help the alcoholic or addict be forced to realize that this is real and the family has prepared everything for them. The interventionist will reassure the loved one that the drug and alcohol treatment centre they are going to has fully-private and medical detox to help with any issues.

Detox in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta

After the intervention and once the person with the substance abuse issues accepts treatment, he or she will be able to finally detox in a nice and nurturing private addiction treatment program. Going through the detox process in a private treatment centre in Calgary will make the loved one feel more comfortable. Having their own room in a private addiction treatment program, their own therapist and a private addiction doctor to help with the withdrawal will reassure the addict or alcoholic that everything will be okay. Our professional alcohol interventionists only work with licensed alcohol and drug treatment programs in Calgary with medical detox services. The pain and discomfort caused by the withdrawals from alcohol and opiates makes it mandatory to use a medical detox.
Many alcoholics have tried to quit on their own but the withdrawals were too intense and it led to them to drink again.

Opiate addicts suffering during the detox may need to go on methadone or Suboxone. Our interventionist work closely with addiction doctors in Calgary to help clients go on methadone or Suboxone.

After Private Detox in Calgary, Alberta

Detox is only one step of the recovery process. Private detox facilities in Calgary, Alberta are costly but also help save lives. Our Calgary-based drug and alcohol interventionists have strong relationships with private medical detox facilities in Alberta. Many addicts will be severely malnourished when going into detox. Clients in private detox programs will get healthy food with all the proper nutrition they need to help restore their body.

The next step of the detox process is to get the client ready to go into the actual drug and alcohol treatment program. As detox only deals with the physical dependency part of their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Detox does not address the psychological issues that happen from drug addiction.

Aftercare Addiction and Intervention Services in Calgary, Alberta

Once the client has completed their drug and alcohol treatment our interventionist will help the family and client with sober coaching and monitoring.
Our alcohol and drug interventionist offer outpatient counselling in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

Our alcohol and drug programs are readily available in most areas of Alberta. We offer online solutions for people seeking help. Most of our alcohol and drug programs involve daily visits, drug testing, sober coaching or 1-on-1 counselling in a group setting.

We offer 1-on-1 Punjabi alcohol and addiction services in Calgary and Vancouver.
Just as our intervention specialists helped you with the important first step of getting your loved one into a private detox and treatment center, we are also available to help make the transition to a clean and sober house so that the client can reintegrate back to life clean and sober with the proper support.
Our Calgary drug addiction services are available for any family seeking help. Drug and Alcohol Interventionist Andy Bhatti and Geri Bemister offer intervention services in Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Grand Prairie, and in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our Alberta interventions save lives.

Call us today at 1-888-963-9116 for your free alcohol or drug intervention consultation.

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