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Drug and Alcohol Intervention Services in Ontario

Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addictions Services offers Intervention services in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Our professional Ontario intervention services have helped families across Canada get their loved ones into the right drug and alcohol treatment center that best suits their individual needs.

Andy Bhatti is a well-known drug and alcohol interventionist in Canada. Andy has been performing interventions in Ontario for more than 6 years. Andy works closely with NHL players, their families, TV actors and many other professional athletes across Ontario. Andy Bhatti has been seen on CBC and Global Television many times talking about interventions and recovery. Our intervention services help addicts reintegrate back into the community after completing treatment.

Andy Bhatti is 11 years clean off drugs and alcohol himself. Andy’s experience in the addiction, intervention and recovery field, makes it easier for other addicts to relate to Andy during the intervention. Andy Bhatti Interventions specializes in helping families decide what is the best drug and alcohol treatment center for their loved one in Ontario or elsewhere across Canada.

Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addictions Services has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ontario and Langley, British Columbia.

“Ontario and British Columbia have been rated as the two best provinces in Canada to get help in for drug addiction. Vancouver and Toronto also have the two biggest Recovery Day Celebrations in Canada. Rated as one of the top three trusted intervention companies in Vancouver Canada, our interventions are caring, loving, supportive and successful.”

If you have a loved one that needs an Ontario intervention, call Andy Bhatti. We can help save a loved one’s life.

Addiction Services in Ontario

Need help getting your loved one into a treatment center in Ontario?

Andy Bhatti Interventions has helped families in crisis across Ontario get their loved one into a drug and alcohol treatment center. The family’s life is always affected by the behaviour of the addict or alcoholic. Hiring a professional interventionist like Andy Bhatti will help resolve the conflict in the house. We will also provide counseling for the family to work on the effects of addiction that they’re facing.

Andy works closely with the family to know all about the addict’s family history. In some family cases, the addict’s behaviour is so unpredictable, that the family has only one choice to call for an intervention, before their loved one overdoses and dies.

The goal of all interventions is to get the addict or alcoholic into treatment. In 2017, more than 300 people in Ontario died from accidental drug overdoses. With the increase in fentanyl being the opiate of choice, more overdose related deaths will happen in 2018.

Drug and Alcohol treatment centers in Ontario are working closely with interventionists like Andy Bhatti to get addicts seeking help into treatment the same day.

Ontario Interventionist Andy Bhatti

An intervention is the first step a family can take to getting their loved ones help.

Andy Bhatti is trained to deal with situations in which the addict or alcoholic becomes angry, violent or verbally abusive during the intervention.

Andy Bhatti Interventions works closely with Ontario mental health professionals to make sure all addicts are treated fairly when in or out of treatment. one in five Canadians suffer from mental health issues, so we understand how important it is to start a conversation around this topic.

Call now for your free Ontario Intervention or addiction services consultation.

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Andy Bhatti is the only Drug and Alcohol Intervention Company in Canada that works closely with child trauma psychologists and victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Andy Bhatti provides emergency Interventions all across Ontario

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Client Testimonials

Intervention FAQ’s

Learn About the Process
What is an Intervention?

A professionally facilitated intervention is a structured method of assisting a person struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The objective is to assist the person to seek help and commit to treatment.

A successful intervention is professionally facilitated by an individual with expertise in drug and alcohol counseling and specific training in the intervention process.

What does an Interventionist do?

An interventionist will:

  • Meet with a group of caring family members, friends and coworkers to gather information, assess, and recommend the best possible treatment options for the person afflicted.
  • Facilitate meetings to encourage participants to explore enabling behaviors and consequences.
  • Help family and friends share their experience and concerns with the person suffering with addiction.
  • Find, support and accompany the person to treatment.
  • Liaise with the treatment centre and strategize on a full a treatment program at all stages of the process.
  • Provide follow up, support and help finding sponsorship.
Who is involved?

An intervention involves a gathering of caring family and friends who matter to the individual. The group includes anyone affected and wanting to be an active participant in the individuals full and life-long RECOVERY.

Who can plan an Intervention?

Any family member, friend or business associate who cares about a person facing a serious personal problems with addiction and emotional instability.

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