Drug Rehab Centres in Ottawa: How To Pick The Best One For You

Drug Rehab Centres in Ottawa: How To Pick The Best One For You

Addiction is a struggle that most people hide away due to the shame it brings them. The reality of addiction is that it is often an endless cycle that hurts the person using drugs and the individuals closest to them.

Finding help immediately after noticing addictive behaviours form is recommended, especially if a drug has been consumed for a considerable time.

This article focuses on Ottawa drug rehab centres while comparing various characteristics of each of these facilities.  

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to look for when searching for an addiction rehab or counselling centre and what costs are involved in treatment.

Let’s get started.


An Overview of Rehab Centers In Ottawa

When searching Google for “Rehab Centre Ottawa” or “Drug Rehab Ottawa,” many organizations pop up on the search results page. This can cause decision paralysis because there are so many different options to choose from. In addition, not every rehab center offers the same services, which only contributes to the confusion. 

This section will discuss what rehab in Ottawa is recommended for detox, withdrawal, or addiction issues. With proper knowledge of the services offered by each type of rehab centre in Ottawa, you’ll be able to choose the right solution for you or your loved one.


Long-Term Treatment Centres for Addiction in Ottawa

Most rehab centers have patients staying between 28 to 60 days. However, in some cases, long-term rehab treatment is required for people who need it; this could be for 90 days or longer. Since the individual lives at the facility, this form of therapy is also called long-term residential care.

The treatment team will assess the person’s condition and determine how long they need to stay in the facility. Long-term rehab centres in Ottawa assist patients in managing underlying issues related to their addiction.

Patients typically go through a structured therapy session to address their needs during their stay at a long-term treatment centre. Services, including preparing for daily life after treatments, group facilitations, and drug counseling therapy, may be incorporated into a long-term stay at a treatment centre in Ottawa.


Detox Rehab Centre Ottawa

Detoxing is an interventional process that aids the substance user by easing their pain during withdrawal. Depending on the situation, an individual may be weaned off the drug slowly, or they may be required to stop taking the drug immediately—in other words, quitting “cold turkey.”

Visiting a detox centre in Ottawa is the first stage after seeking a medical assessment with a therapist or counselor. These facilities are equipped to handle drug detox-related symptoms and generally have trained medical professionals to assist if there are any complications. 

Certain substances, such as alcohol and benzodiazepine, can negatively affect a person’s body and mind. In most cases, the effects are so harmful that if the user had to attempt detox outside of a rehab centre in Ottawa, they might return to the substance or be at risk of dying.

With the help of a detox rehab centre, an addicted person’s discomforts and withdrawal symptoms can be mitigated. From here, the patient can move to an outpatient rehab Ottawa therapy program or inpatient substance use treatment. 

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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centre Ottawa

Alcohol and drug rehab centres in Ottawa can help you if you depend on liquor, prescription medication, or recreational drugs. These rehab facilities offer a range of therapies, including support, counselling, and treatment.

Counsellors aim to help clients develop the skills to live free from drugs after they leave the centre. 

Most public drug and alcohol rehab centres in Ottawa are part of the free health care system that the government provides. Therefore, if you need addiction rehabilitation and are a citizen of Canada, don’t hesitate to contact any public healthcare organization to access the required services. 


Private Alcohol Rehab Centre Ottawa

If you have the money to attend a private alcohol rehab centre in Ottawa, it may be worth checking out one of the many options. Private rehabilitation facilities offer additional services over and above what is provided by a government-funded practice.

One of the primary differences between a public and private rehab centre in Ottawa is the  experience. Because the patient and their family are paying for the treatment, there is generally more focus on providing the best stay possible with better accommodations and resources.

Here are a few benefits of utilizing a private alcohol rehab centre in Ottawa:

  1. More enjoyable and nutritious meals
  2. Better accommodation and bedroom options
  3. Often located in a superior location with great views of nature
  4. Some private facilities offer a more thorough clinical assessment of their patient


Additionally, holistic therapies and treatments are often included, such as yoga or art therapy.

It’s easy to think a private centre will lead to a greater chance of long-term recovery, but it’s important to remember that the journey to sobriety begins with you.


Pros & Cons of Each Type of Addiction Treatment Centre in Ottawa

There are multiple options for addiction treatment centres in Ottawa, so it may not be evident which one is for you. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each type of rehab facility can help you better comprehend if it’ll meet your needs.

Meeting with a therapist or counsellor can help determine which treatment will suit you best. Some treatments can be combined or scheduled one after another if recommended by your doctor or if you feel it’ll be better.

In the table below, we look at the benefits and downfalls of each type of addiction treatment centre:

Type of Addiction Treatment Centres Advantages Disadvantages
Long-Term Treatment Centres
  • Intensive treatment that can help substance users with co-occurring disorders of mental health issues. 
  • Patients learn healthy coping mechanisms and are removed from the home environment, which could contain triggers that instigate their behaviour. 
  • The person is restricted by their freedom and requires a time commitment.
  • Treatments typically occur all day, from waking to sleeping
  • The patient must follow the rules of the rehabilitation program
Detox Centres
  • Medical specialists help treat physical addiction while the users stop using addictive substances. 
  • Generally, the physiological aspects of addiction are not treated at these types of drug rehab centres. 
  • Combining a detox with additional treatments is recommended.
Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centres
  • Focus solely on alcohol and drug users who are struggling with addiction.
  • Most public rehab centres don’t have all the necessary facilities to treat each stage of the addiction cycle.
Private Alcohol Rehab Centres
  • Concentrates on the patient’s experience at the rehab centre and includes numerous upgrade options.
  • Costly for people who cannot offer private treatment or rehab facilities.

5 Ontario Drug Rehab Selection Criteria

Every person is different, and the same is true for selecting a drug rehab that suits your needs. Multiple treatment plan options and rehab centres are available in Ontario, making picking the best one challenging.

The criteria in which patients are accepted are mentioned in the table below:

Treatment Centre Criteria Criteria Explanation
Addiction type Certain treatments have tailored programs geared toward specific drugs. For example, facilities that focus on alcohol or substance abuse.
Gender Some treatment programs are particularly focused on a particular gender to make them feel safe during recovery.
Age Some drug rehab centres only accept patients over the age of 18.
Space If there is no space available in a public rehab centre, substance users may have to wait for availability.
Addiction severity  The severity of the addiction determines the treatment ideal of the user. Depending on their condition, live-in or 24/7 care may be necessary.

Top Addiction Centres in Ottawa

Without treatment, an addicted person may lose everything, including their finances, health, and future. Ensuring that you’re submitted to a rehab centre in Ottawa with sufficient facilities to handle the addiction is crucial to the success of your sobriety.

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A young mixed-race woman hugs a mature adult black woman. They are sitting next to each other in a medical clinic. The two women are attending a group therapy session. They are showing support and kindness.

MontFort Renaissance – Rehab Centre Ottawa

This organization offers multiple programs to the public including housing support, mental health counselling, and addiction services. MontFort Renaissance tailors plans to a person’s requirements and recovery goals while giving them a safe space when they are going through the withdrawal process.

Ottawa Addictions Access and Referral Services works hand in hand with MontFort Renaissance to help treat people struggling with substance abuse disorders throughout Ontario. If the rehab center cannot assist with a particular addiction case, they use a referral system to direct the patient to a more equipped facility.

Because MontFort Renaissance is funded by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN), it offers free care for Ontario residents. However, when referred to some agencies, an Ontario health care card may be required.

There is also a non-medical withdrawal management service that gives individuals a safe and respectful environment to wean off substances. Counselors help the person change their habits and reduce the negative effects of the drug on their anatomy.

Besides the above services, MontFort Renaissance also offers:

  • Residential withdrawal management
  • Day withdrawal management programs
  • Community withdrawal management programs

Once you or a loved one has decided to take the first step to recovery, contact MontFort Renaissance to help along the journey.


Sobriety House – Rehab Centre Ottawa

Proudly operating since 1979, Sobriety House is a substance abuse residential treatment facility that helps users with various addiction issues. This drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre is located in Ottawa and is primarily focused on male patients struggling with substance dependency.

Sobriety House recognizes that many addiction issues are interpersonal in nature. The organization offers group therapy that provides substance users with a safe setting for refining or developing interpersonal skills.

Patients go through a screening process after their first contact is made with Sobriety House to determine their eligibility to enter the program. If the person passes the general admission criteria, they are admitted up to one week prior to the start of the Core Program. This gives the patient time to become accustomed to their new surroundings.

Clients are also allowed to remain at the facility one week after the Core Program to make arrangements for leaving. Overall, Sobriety House is an excellent facility with good counselors who are empathetic toward men suffering from substance abuse disorders.

Drug Rehab Centre Ottawa – FAQs

What Is the First Step in Treating Drug Addiction?

The initial steps of rehabilitating a substance user require that they admit they have addiction issues and decide to seek treatments or ask others for help. For this to occur, the person needs to comprehend they have an addiction, realize a motivation for getting sober, and desire to quit their bad habit.


What Is the Shortest Time Someone Can Stay in Rehab Centre Ottawa?

While there is no set time for a successful recovery, the period spent in a rehab centre depends on the person’s previous substance abuse history. However, people are expected to stay in a rehab program for 30 days as a standard.

Although this may not seem like enough rehabilitation time, a 30-day recovery program can be hugely beneficial. The user will receive support and structure while detoxing and learning to live independently.

What Is the Average Length of a Rehab Centre Ottawa Stay?

Each individual is different, and the same is true for their stay at a rehab centre. While most treatment programs last around 30 days, mild addiction cases may only require a few weeks’ stays at the facility.

If your addiction is more severe, programs that last 60 or 90 days are developed explicitly for extended withdrawal periods and acute addiction problems.


How Do I Find a Rehab Centre in Ottawa?

The best way to find a rehab centre in Ottawa is to look at one of the independent review sites for Canada. Luxury Rehabs and Canada Drug Rehab are online resources that provide insights into various rehabilitation centres around the country.

Depending on the individual’s situation, they may also seek assistance at a local hospital or community clinic. In these cases, the person would have to have an OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) health card to receive services from these government organizations.

How Long Does It Take an Individual to Overcome Their Addiction?

Only minimal users in recovery reach a point where they don’t return to their addictive behaviours after six months. However, for most substance abusers, long-term commitment is generally required; this can last between two and five years but sometimes longer to solidify change and break the habit.


Rehab Centre Ottawa – Conclusion

During 2021, over 7000 deaths occurred from opioid overdoses throughout Canada. Statistics on addiction in Canada claim that approximately 21% of the population will have an addiction or substance use disorder at some stage.

Determining the severity of the patient’s case is crucial to finding what addiction program will work best. A professional counsellor or therapist can help the user establish where they are within the addiction cycle, so they are better prepared to enter a rehab centre in Ottawa.

Contact one of the following drug rehab centres in Canada if you or a loved one suffer from alcohol, drug, gambling, sex, or other addictions.

The rehabilitation experts at these facilities are trained to help substance users overcome their addiction challenges. Give yourself or your family member a life worth living, and contact professionals who care about your recovery.

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