Heart of a Warrior Tournament

Heart of a Warrior Tournament

Andy Bhatti is a well-known Drug and Alcohol Interventionist and 2015 Courage to Come Back
Award Recipient. Andy Bhatti has been working in the field of addiction, sexual abuse
prevention, and interventions for many years. He is an avid public speaker, attending numerous
speaking engagements about alcoholism, addiction, sexual abuse, and personal perseverance.
He remains very involved in giving back to communities across Canada.

As public awareness of Mental Health, Trauma, and Addictions, has become increasingly
prevalent in British Columbia, largely due to the ongoing opioid crisis and COVID 19, addiction
interventionists and mental health advocate Andy Bhatti, Vancouver Canucks Alumni Kirk
McLean, MLB Slugger / World Series Champion Matt Stairs and friends will be playing in a
softball tournament and participating in a Home-Run derby to help raise awareness on Mental
Health and Childhood Trauma.

The Homerun Derby starts at 8:00 pm on Saturday, June 4th, 2022. Vancouver Canucks Alumni
Kirk McLean is the coach of the team and MLB Slugger Toronto Blue Jays & Philadelphia
Phillies Alumni Matt Stairs will also be playing in 3 games starting at noon on Saturday.
On Saturday, June 4, from 12-4 pm we will have an educational booth for those looking for
information on how to get help for their loved ones or themselves.

Kirk McLean and Matt Stairs will be available to sign autographs for fans from 12-5 pm.
We will be giving away 5 free Signed NHL Jerseys at this event on Saturday.
The 5 signed jerseys are of:
● Edmonton Oilers Leon Draisaitl
● Colorado Avalanches Nathan MacKinnon
● Vancouver Canucks Kirk McLean
● Chicago Blackhawks Jonathan Toews
● Pittsburg Penguins Superstar Sidney Crosby

To win these jerseys all you have to do is come on down and enter the free draws at our booths.
Mental health issues affect most trauma survivors. Many survivors of childhood trauma often
turn to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain. Our goal is to help them deal with their underlying
issues, raise awareness and let them know they are not alone.

The event is free to anyone, with a focus on family and friends who have a loved one that
struggles with mental health or trauma or just want to come on down to watch an amazing
baseball tournament and home-run derby. Come and watch your favorite celebrities supporting
a great cause.

“Treatment for trauma survivors is typically where the work begins and ends, as well as
acknowledging the feelings and pain of those around them, such as family and friends.”
according to interventionist, Andy Bhatti who will be there to offer free support and free referrals
for anyone needing guidance on how to get help. There will be an information booth at the event
to offer free support, free books with information on mental health, and peer support staff on-site
to help answer questions for families who may be needing support or looking to help a loved
one get free help.

Canadadrugrehab.ca is a free online directory listing alcohol and drug rehab programs and
other mental health-related services located in Canada. If you wish to locate alcohol and drug
treatment services in your home community please remember you have two options:
(1) government-funded treatment or
(2) private treatment.

Canada Drug Rehab is a free referral website for people seeking free information on
intervention services and public-funded treatment options all across Canada. The goal of this
website is to help families navigate free help.

Andy Bhatti is the new owner of Canada Drug Rehab, and he acquired the site so he can help
educate families on finding an appropriate treatment center. Many families don’t understand that
a treatment center that deals with substance use and with trauma survivors should have a doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist, trauma therapist, or a nurse practitioner on site 5 to 7 days a

Many families spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to help their loved ones but their loved
ones go to recovery centers that are not licensed. Many of these facilities don’t offer the proper
healthcare needed for the patient’s needs. Many people abuse substances to numb underlying
issues of trauma and families should have the opportunity to know where to find the right help.
For media interviews with Kirk McLean, Matt Stairs, or Andy Bhatti.
Please contact Andy Bhatti directly

Andy Bhatti C.C.A.C.
Drug & Alcohol Interventions
Advocate for Change

1-604-309-1573 Mobile
Event Location: Mission Recreation Park
4105 Gordon Drive, Kelowna, BC
Date: Saturday, June 4th, 2022
Time: 12 noon – 9:00 PM


This event is in Memory of Kenny Elliot who was an addiction Counsellor, a Friend, a Husband,
a Father, and a die-hard softball player with a big heart 💜 who passed away from cancer.
Kenny Elliot was Andy Bhatti’s close friend and mentor. Kenny wasn’t just a mentor for Andy
Bhatti but also a friend for many others in The Softball Community all across Canada, and an
advocate that change is possible.

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