What Alcohol Treatment Centres in Alberta Have To Offer [2022]

What Alcohol Treatment Centres in Alberta Have To Offer [2022]

Alcoholism is an issue in Alberta that affects many. In fact, our blog 6 Facts on Drug and Alcohol Addiction Statistics in Canada states that 19.4% of Albertans have problems with alcohol. That’s a staggering almost one-fifth of the population. 

However, recovery is possible. And that’s why it’s important to know what alcohol treatment centers in Alberta there are to offer, which is why we’re here. 

In this article, we’ll go over

  1. The importance of addiction treatment services in Alberta
  2. The services offered by Alberta’s addiction treatment centers
  3. How much is rehab in Alberta?
  4. The best alcohol treatment centres in Alberta
  5. FAQs

The Importance of Addiction Treatment Services in Alberta

Addiction treatment services are services and programs offered to help those struggling with substance dependency or other types of addictions with recovery. These services can include things like counselling, support groups, intervention services, detox, rehab, etc. Some programs may specialize in a particular substance or behaviour, while there are others that could be more general. 

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to succeed in your recovery if you make use of addiction treatment services. 

A 2017 study that surveyed those in recovery by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction found that 91.8% used a 12-step mutual support group and 60.6% a residential addiction treatment program, with just over half reporting they hadn’t relapsed once.

These findings suggest that most of those surveyed had sought out a form of addiction treatment, or even multiple forms of it, with over half not having a single relapse, which in turn does suggest that addiction treatment is effective in recovery. 

With addiction treatment services, you’ll receive support and care from addiction specialists and professionals and those suffering from similar issues. Although addiction can feel isolating, with addiction treatment services and all they offer, it doesn’t have to. 

So, if you are struggling with alcohol addiction, getting help in your recovery from alcohol treatment centers in Alberta can be significant. 

The Services Offered by Alberta’s Addiction Treatment Centers

With all that being said, there is a large variety of services offered by Alberta’s addiction treatment centers. We’ve mentioned some of those services previously, but these types of services include

  • Intervention services
  • Detox services
  • Inpatient services
  • Outpatient services
  • counselling
  • Support groups

outpatient care rehab in alberta

We’ve outlined these services, including descriptions, pros, and cons, in the table below. 

Services Description Pros Cons
Alberta Intervention Services A professional will plan with the loved ones of someone struggling with dependency issues and host an intervention for him/her/them so a plan to get him/her/them into recovery can be developed
  • Professional can act as a mediator 
  • Professional will have knowledge of recovery and addiction services
  • Professional will have connections to addiction services
  • Not always necessary
  • Interventions can be hosted without a professional
Alberta Detox Centers You will have a plan developed for you so you can rid your body of the substances you’re addicted to while being supervised in a center by medical and healthcare professionals so you go through withdrawals as safely as possible
  • You can go through withdrawals safely
  • You will be monitored, with medical and healthcare professionals around in case of seizures or other dangerous withdrawal symptoms
  • Withdrawal can still be painful
  • Detox is only one steps towards recovery, rehab or other treatment programs will still be recommended afterward
Inpatient or Residential Addiction Treatment Alberta With inpatient treatment, you stay at the facility for the duration of your treatment
  • Your treatment is the sole focus for the duration of the stay
  • You can receive 24/7 care
  • You’ll have somewhere safe to sleep at night
  • You may not be able to keep up on outside responsibilities, including a job, children, etc
Outpatient Addiction Treatment Alberta With outpatient treatment, you come into the facility for scheduled treatment, but stay the night elsewhere
  • You’re able to maintain outside responsibilities, like a job, children, etc
  • Treatment can be scheduled to fit into your life
  • You’ll be able to put into practice what you learn in treatment immediately
  • You’ll need somewhere else to stay at night
  • Your treatment won’t be the sole focus of your life for the duration of your treatment, depending on other responsibilities
Alberta Addiction counselling Services Different programs will offer different types of therapy and counselling to allow you to understand your substance abuse and come up with strategies to avoid doing so in the future
  • Therapy and/or counselling will help you learn better coping strategies to avoid turning towards substances
  • Therapy and/or counselling can potentially help you work through the root causes for substance dependency
  • There are different types of therapy and/or counselling so you can find one that works for you
  • You have to be willing to be honest and go through the process of therapy and/or counselling for it to be effective
  • The program you’ve selected may have limited options for therapy and/or counselling which may not be the most effective way for you
Alberta Support Groups There are different, typically anonymous groups those with substance dependency can join to receive support from peers and others struggling with similar issues. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a well-known version of this
  • You can receive support from peers
  • These programs may be specialized for different types of substances
  • These groups can be isolated from other types of formal programs and may require admission to others

How much is Rehab in Alberta?

However, it’s not just what services you need to worry about when researching alcohol treatment centers in Alberta, but also the cost. 

Different rehab facilities, and programs amongst those facilities, will have different associated costs. Depending on the center, length of stay, etc they can cost in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. This can also depend on whether the rehab center is government-funded or privately funded. 

In 2020, Alberta eliminated the fees for publicly funded treatment centers. So those who are on a tighter budget will still be able to seek the addiction treatment they need. 

We’ve broken down some features of government-funded and private centers below, with associated costs included.

Features Government-Funded Private
Benefits Lower cost More customization

Lower wait times 

Fewer patients per staff

Disadvantages Less customization

Higher wait times

More patients

Higher cost

More limited space

Common Costs Low or free $6000 for 30 days

We have more information on the differences between these two types of treatment centers in our blog post The Ultimate Guide to Rehabilitation Centers and Drug Rehab.

The Best Alcohol Treatment Centres in Alberta 

Alcohol treatment centers in Alberta listed below are some of the top-rated on Google. 

finding the best alcohol treatment centre in Alberta

Edmonton Central Office Society

The Edmonton Central Office Society hosts AA, including meetings, fielding calls, hosting information on its website (including about meetings), etc. AA is a beneficial program that alcoholics can use in recovery that includes support groups (the AA meetings) and a 12-step program, which we discuss in our blog post A Guide to Alcohol Rehab Ontario [Practical Info & Resources]. 

In that post, you’ll find the 12 steps laid out as

  1. Honesty
  2. Faith
  3. Surrender
  4. Soul-searching
  5. Integrity
  6. Acceptance
  7. Humility
  8. Willingness
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Maintenance
  11. Making contact
  12. Service

Addiction Recovery Centre

The Addiction Recovery Centre is a detox center that also offers planning for further treatment by professional addiction counselors for those struggling with dependency on alcohol and other drugs. This center, located in Edmonton, offers 24/7 care and walks-ins for an hour in the morning between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. 

Although this is not a rehab center, it’s somewhere where you can begin your recovery journey. 

Foothills Centre

Foothills Centre, located in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, is another detox center, much like the Addiction Recovery Centre listed above. The program Foothills Centre offers allows anyone over 18 to join, however you first must complete a phone interview, as listed on the website. The website also mentions that although the typical stay is 5 days, you may be required to stay a different amount of time after being assessed. 

Sunshine Coast Health Centre

Located in Edmonton, Sunshine Coast Health Centre offers resources and support for alumni so they continue to get the help they need to endure in their recovery and stay sober. Long-term planning for remaining sober can be an essential part of recovery, so you do not fall back into old habits, including getting support. 

There are several ways to go about this planning, though. To learn more about that, read our blog post Recovery Support After Interventions and Rehab

Trifecta Addiction & Mental Health Services

Trifecta Addiction & Mental Health Services includes a variety of programs to aid in addiction treatment, including outpatient programs, primary care, interventions, counselling, etc, which are outlined in detail on its website. These services cover a variety of aspects of the recovery process, starting with intervention and covering different ways to be treated through it. 

Smart Clinic 

Smart Clinic, located in Calgary, Alberta, although also available virtually, offers outpatient services to treat a variety of different types of addictions, including alcohol. According to the website, this clinic aims to combine addiction services and family treatment centers in Alberta (family practice) to treat individuals in their entirety. The website claims it’s the first, and whether that’s true, it’s a unique idea.

Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addiction Services

Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addictions Services although based in Vancouver, British Columbia, offers intervention and addiction services all across Canada, including in Alberta for those struggling with addiction to alcohol and other substances. Its services include planning and hosting interventions, as well as treatment planning, counselling connecting, support, etc. If you or a loved one are looking to begin recovery, Andy Bhatti’s a great place to start.


What is the difference between rehab and detox centers in Alberta?

Rehab centers are used to take someone with a substance dependency all the way through the recovery process, whereas a detox center just focuses on getting someone with a substance dependency issue sober so that he/she/they can move to the next step of a rehab plan. 

Detox centers are essentially a center where you can sober with medical supervision to ensure you’re safe throughout withdrawals. Detox is typically the first step of rehab, but it’s not the entire recovery process like rehab encompasses. 

Are there free drug rehab centers in Alberta?

There are free treatment centers in Alberta in that some government-funded programs are free (like the publicly funded ones, as previously mentioned above). However, if you have insurance, it may (at least partially) cover the costs of rehab, as well. It’s something you’d have to check up on with your insurance provider if you are unsure. You can also inquire with the alcohol treatment centers in Alberta that you’re researching on the cost, and if it can be covered by insurance. 

free drug rehab in alberta

How much does rehab cost in Alberta?

The cost of rehab in Alberta varies depending on what type of addiction treatment center you go to. For instance, government-funded centers are typically lower in cost, potentially even free. Whereas private centers typically offer more personalization but come at a higher cost. We broke this down previously in our How Much Is Rehab in Alberta section. 

Is there government-funded addiction treatment in Alberta?

Yes, there are government-funded addiction treatment centers in Alberta, which you can find using directories like Canada Drug Rehab. Government Funded is one of the categories you can select when looking for alcohol treatment centers in Alberta. 

In Conclusion,

Although alcoholism is a serious issue in the province, there are a series of great, beneficial addiction treatment centers in Alberta that can help those suffering enter into recovery, some of which include

  1. Edmonton Central Office Society
  2. Addiction Recovery Centre
  3. Foothills Centre
  4. Sunshine Coast Health Centre
  5. Trifecta Addiction & Mental Health Services
  6. Smart Clinic

Another excellent service, as listed above, is Andy Bhatti, which offers intervention services that includes confronting those struggling with addiction (with family) and helping come up with a recovery plan for them. So, if you’re looking to plan an intervention for a loved one, or are looking for resources on addiction recovery, contact us here

However, there are other treatment services available in western Canada outside of Alberta that we recommend:

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