Punjabi Drug and Alcohol Intervention

Punjabi speaking intervention services

When someone is unable to recover from their addiction to drugs or alcohol on their own, the only way that families can help their loved ones to get the help they need is through an intervention.

Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention can be challenging to achieve due to the social stigma and pressure around drug use within the Punjabi community.

For example, it can be complicated for Punjabi community members and professionals to take the necessary time to get the help they need – without fear of losing their jobs or endangering their families.

Andy Bhatti Intervention and Addiction Services prioritize the addict’s well-being, using a holistic approach, looking at both the individual’s and family’s history.

With help from Andy, families can find Hindi and Punjabi-speaking doctors who provide care that is culturally sensitive, in a safe, customized and confidential space for healing.

Our intervention team works with doctors to keep the addict’s job secure while taking the necessary time to heal.

The Stigma of Alcohol and Drug Abuse for South Asian Clients

In Punjabi culture, public expectation and familial pride are highly valued. 

In Punjabi society, for those living in Canada, Punjab, or anywhere in the world, the community generally accepts heavy consumption of alcohol in men, while women are expected to abstain from alcohol consumption, which creates a gendered imbalance in expectation and acceptability. 

Since alcohol consumption is socially acceptable for Punjabi men, most don’t recognize excessive drinking or alcoholism to be an addiction because of social stigma. 

When the definition of addiction is blurred, it becomes especially challenging for individuals to:

  • Identify and admit that they have a problem
  • Find and commit to the recovery journey


For Punjabi women especially, the social expectation of abstinence when it comes to alcohol consumption creates a lot of shame and secrecy around drinking.   

Intervention and treatment are often avoided due to the implications of shame and provoked social trauma. However, when reliance on consumption becomes problematic, the complex social nuances of pride, shame, and opinion must come second to individual well-being.

Heroin Drug Addictions in Punjabi-speaking clients

Heroin is the most prevalent drug in India after alcohol and tobacco – and Punjabis are among the victims of addiction to this substance. An estimated 70% of young Punjabi men suffer from a substance abuse problem. As heroin becomes more prevalent in Punjabi culture, possible factors include:

  • Proximity to the Golden Triangle and Golden Crescent
  • Socio-economic issues
  • Proximity to the border
  • Escapism
  • Materialism


The glorification of drug use in music and popular culture is rampant, further corrupting Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention messages and social enablement. 

Interventions for Families in the Indian Community and Treatment Centres for Punjabi Clients

Because of social stigma and inadequate resources, Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention is often complicated, and the chances of relapse are very high. Much of the initial pressure of drug and alcohol intervention falls on the families, especially wives, often leading to harmful familial coping mechanisms. 

It’s important to remember that drug and alcohol addiction ramifications affect the whole family on some level, not just the addict. 

Andy Bhatti and the Addiction and Intervention Services team recognize the importance of providing a Punjabi or Hindi speaking counsellor who understands not only the language but the complex nuances of stigma within the Punjab culture when dealing with Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention. 

Our Punjabi and Hindi Speaking Counsellors

Travelling abroad for treatment is enticing to many, not only for superior treatment and resources but for guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. With Andy Bhatti Intervention and Addiction Services, we understand that providing Punjabi and Hindi speaking counsellors gives both addicts and families the ideal conditions for Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention outside of India.

Andy Bhatti works closely with treatment centers across Canada, the US, and Asia and can use his extensive network to find appropriate treatment centers sensitive to Punjabi culture, Punjabi drug and alcohol intervention, and rehabilitation.

Jyoti Gill

Jyoti Gill is a professional addiction therapist based at our Langley location who speaks Hindi and Punjabi and can significantly help Punjabi families get the help they need. 

Jyoti provides counselling for individuals, families, and couples, using a holistic approach. Jyoti tailors her therapy to the individual’s needs to ensure that the work provided as counsellor/client is aligned with their values, focusing on various concerns, including:

  • Trauma
  • Substance use
  • Addiction
  • Anxiety
  • Self-esteem


Jyoti believes that the best way to help support someone is by assisting them to get in touch with their inner strength and inner wisdom. By developing these internal resources, people can find a guide within themselves that is always available.

With help from Andy, all family members gain valuable information in getting their loved ones the help and support they need.

With doctors’ support, treatment centers, a personalized holistic treatment plan, and the love of family and friends, addicts can get the resources they need to begin living a healthy, conscious, and sober life.

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Intervention FAQ’s

Learn About the Process
What is an Intervention?

A professionally facilitated intervention is a structured method of assisting a person struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The objective is to assist the person to seek help and commit to treatment.

A successful intervention is professionally facilitated by an individual with expertise in drug and alcohol counseling and specific training in the intervention process.

What does an Interventionist do?

An interventionist will:

  • Meet with a group of caring family members, friends and coworkers to gather information, assess, and recommend the best possible treatment options for the person afflicted.
  • Facilitate meetings to encourage participants to explore enabling behaviors and consequences.
  • Help family and friends share their experience and concerns with the person suffering with addiction.
  • Find, support and accompany the person to treatment.
  • Liaise with the treatment centre and strategize on a full a treatment program at all stages of the process.
  • Provide follow up, support and help finding sponsorship.
Who is involved?

An intervention involves a gathering of caring family and friends who matter to the individual. The group includes anyone affected and wanting to be an active participant in the individuals full and life-long RECOVERY.

Who can plan an Intervention?

Any family member, friend or business associate who cares about a person facing a serious personal problems with addiction and emotional instability.