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Lethbridge is Alberta’s third-largest city by both population (just over 100,000 people) and land area after Calgary and Edmonton, and the largest city in southern Alberta. It is the commercial, financial, transportation and industrial centre of southern Alberta, with half of its workforce employed in the health, education, retail and hospitality sectors. With the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the West, Lethbridge experiences warm summers, mild winters, and windy climate.

Lethbridge is a smaller city but it’s not exempt from big city problems. It is home to North America’s busiest safe consumption site, which sees approximately 675 visits a day. However, the city is lacking in many other critical infrastructure needs to battle the drug crisis.

Like other North American cities, Lethbridge is grappling with a drug epidemic that has shifted from opioids to methamphetamine. Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Smoking or injecting methamphetamine puts the drug very quickly into the bloodstream and brain, causing an immediate, intense rush, making it a drug with high potential for widespread misuse. Chronic abusers may exhibit symptoms that can include significant anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, violent behavior, and even psychotic episodes, including paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions.

Being the spouse, parent, friend or other loved one of someone abusing drugs or alcohol can be extremely difficult. However, seeking help for them could be the best thing you can do. If substance abuse has become a problem for a friend or relative in Lethbridge, it might be time for you to consider an intervention.

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For those living with addiction, the opioid and meth crisis that has engulfed Lethbridge, the province of Alberta, and Canada as a whole has created deep wounds and heartbreak that run deep into families. Many addicts have burned bridges, losing family and friends to spiralling addictions.

Andy Bhatti wants to help. He is an experienced, professional drug and alcohol abuse interventionist who will work with your family and loved one suffering from addiction and help pick up the pieces of their life.

Andy knows from personal experience the destruction that substance abuse brings with it. He provides a diverse range of specialized and one-of-a-kind mental health and substance use services to people in the Lethbridge area and can help those suffering from addiction turn their life around.

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Andy Bhatti is the only Drug and Alcohol Intervention Company in Canada that works closely with child trauma psychologists and victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Andy Bhatti provides emergency Interventions all across Lethbridge and Alberta within 48 Hrs.

We Can Help Call Now toll Free  1-888-963-9116
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Intervention FAQ’s

Learn About the Process
What is an Intervention?

A professionally facilitated intervention is a structured method of assisting a person struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The objective is to assist the person to seek help and commit to treatment.

A successful intervention is professionally facilitated by an individual with expertise in drug and alcohol counseling and specific training in the intervention process.

What does an Interventionist do?

An interventionist will:

  • Meet with a group of caring family members, friends and coworkers to gather information, assess, and recommend the best possible treatment options for the person afflicted.
  • Facilitate meetings to encourage participants to explore enabling behaviors and consequences.
  • Help family and friends share their experience and concerns with the person suffering with addiction.
  • Find, support and accompany the person to treatment.
  • Liaise with the treatment centre and strategize on a full a treatment program at all stages of the process.
  • Provide follow up, support and help finding sponsorship.
Who is involved?

An intervention involves a gathering of caring family and friends who matter to the individual. The group includes anyone affected and wanting to be an active participant in the individuals full and life-long RECOVERY.

Who can plan an Intervention?

Any family member, friend or business associate who cares about a person facing a serious personal problems with addiction and emotional instability.

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