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Youth Intervention Services

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Do you think your teenager is using drugs? Is your child acting differently than they used to? If their recent behaviour is a concern to you, contact Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addiction Services and let our professional help you.

For many people, the first time they try drugs and alcohol are when they’re underage. The average age a Canadian first tried drugs and alcohol and became aware of the possibility of addiction is 15 years old.

Andy Bhatti, Professional Drug and Alcohol Interventionist, says it’s important to talk to youth about drug and alcohol use and signs of addiction.

“Kids and young adults are especially vulnerable to substances since their brains are still being developed. Sit down with your children and talk about fentanyl and other dangerous drugs.”

How to tell if your Child is using?

Youth intervention Services

How can you tell if your child is using?

The biggest giveaway that your child is using is finding drugs or alcohol in their possession. This can include drug paraphernalia or empty bottles of alcohol. Your child may say it’s not theirs and it’s your job to tell if they’re telling the truth or keeping something from you.

Other signs that they’re using:

  • Your child is skipping school
  • School grades are dropping
  • Numerous friends of theirs are using drugs
  • A shift in friend groups
  • No motivation for sports or activities
  • Guardedness or deceptiveness in sharing about themselves
  • Emotional volatility and irritability

Youth Intervention PRogram

Youth intervention Help with Andy Bhatti

If any of these signs are present in your child, take time to process your concerns and develop an action plan to talk to your child. If your child is using, they’re going to need help from an expert interventionist.

Andy Bhatti has been successfully performing interventions on teenagers all across Canada for many years. The success rate rate is extremely high, and Andy can do an intervention anywhere in the country within 48 hours including Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto.

Not only does Andy Bhatti Interventions & Addiction Services help the teenager, we also offer the family opportunities to get better since addiction is felt by the whole family, not just the teenager.

If you know your child is using and you want to set up an intervention with Andy, contact him today.

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Andy Bhatti is a leading Youth Interventionist in Canada that works closely with child trauma psychologists, youth with drug and alcohol addiction, and victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Andy Bhatti provides emergency youth interventions all across Canada within 48 Hrs.

We Can Help Call Now toll Free  1-888-963-9116
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Intervention FAQ’s

Learn About the Process
What is an Intervention?

A professionally facilitated intervention is a structured method of assisting a person struggling with addiction and mental health issues. The objective is to assist the person to seek help and commit to treatment.

A successful intervention is professionally facilitated by an individual with expertise in drug and alcohol counseling and specific training in the intervention process.

What does an Interventionist do?

An interventionist will:

  • Meet with a group of caring family members, friends and coworkers to gather information, assess, and recommend the best possible treatment options for the person afflicted.
  • Facilitate meetings to encourage participants to explore enabling behaviors and consequences.
  • Help family and friends share their experience and concerns with the person suffering with addiction.
  • Find, support and accompany the person to treatment.
  • Liaise with the treatment centre and strategize on a full a treatment program at all stages of the process.
  • Provide follow up, support and help finding sponsorship.
Who is involved?

An intervention involves a gathering of caring family and friends who matter to the individual. The group includes anyone affected and wanting to be an active participant in the individuals full and life-long RECOVERY.

Who can plan an Intervention?

Any family member, friend or business associate who cares about a person facing a serious personal problems with addiction and emotional instability.

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