Codependency with Substances in Alberta

Codependency with Substances in Alberta

Intervention Services in Edmonton, Calgary, and Lethbridge, Alberta
Our addiction specialists recognize and understand how it feels to see your loved one
struggle. Our addiction specialists and interventionists also understand the path your
loved one is walking as they have also walked a similar path. Whether the struggle is
with substance or alcohol abuse, Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services
recognize the seriousness of the obstacles your loved one is wrestling with. Sobriety is
an achievable route, though it may feel impossible. A major step, to taking strides
towards sobriety can begin with an intervention.

An intervention is not only the first step in alcohol and substance abuse. An Intervention
can also be a stepping stone for mental health issues, trauma, and any form of
addiction. An intervention can get you on the path to getting the life you want for
yourself and your loved one, to achieve and maintain sobriety, for a healthier life.
Our interventions are geared based on lived experiences of our interventionists. Our
interventionists have experienced and proven sobriety to be possible. We are licensed
addiction counsellors and interventionists in Alberta. We will be there for you, ready to
take the steps in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and anywhere else in Alberta.

What is an Intervention?

An intervention is a well-thought-out and structured plan, which can be executed by the
loved ones of the person in need of the intervention. An intervention is at its best when
planned in coordination with an intervention specialist (interventionist). During an
intervention loved one’s come together as a unit to inform your loved one about how
their addiction affects everyone around them, and guide them with the hopes of
accepting treatment.

The intervention:

  • Shares specific scenarios of the addicted individual’s behaviour where it has affected
    those around them.
  • Lays out a well-thought-out, previously planned treatment plan, which clearly states the
    steps, goals, and guidelines.
  • Explains what each person present at the intervention will do in the event that treatment
    is not accepted by the individual being intervened on.

Interventions in Alberta

Why can it take so long for an individual to get professional help? They refuse to admit
that they have an addiction. Denial or perspective can veer on how someone determines how far gone they are in terms of their alcohol or substance abuse. A resolution to this denial is an intervention. Drug or alcohol interventions involve the addicted individual and their loved ones gathering to effectively share how this addiction has affected each of them. A successful intervention can change your loved one’s life.

You owe it to them to try to do whatever it takes to get them the help that they so desperately need. Interventions can result in the individual becoming defensive, this is why finding the right intervention specialist or recovery coach for your loved one can make all the difference on their journey to rehabilitation.

How Does an Addiction Intervention Work in Alberta?

An intervention is a united gathering between family, colleagues, or friends which takes
place in the presence of the addict, ideally with a professional addiction counsellor (or

In Alberta, the interventionist will take a leadership role in the meeting and will help
guide the flow of the discussion. This will ensure that pent-up emotions are kept at bay
with everyone present. A professional intervention often means the addict will take the
proceedings seriously from the start. This is another reason why it is ideal to have an
intervention specialist present. The meeting aims to ensure the addict fully appreciates
the health consequences of his or her addiction.


What Areas Can Be Intervened On?

An intervention is not just for substance and alcohol abuse, interventions can be helpful with:

  • Substance Addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Mental Health
  • Sex Addiction
  • Gambling Addiction
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Co-occurring disorders (Multiple diagnoses)
  • Porn Addiction
  • Eating Disorders


Finding the Right Interventionist, Alberta

Our interventions are geared based on lived experiences of our interventionists. We are licensed interventionists and addiction counsellors with lived experiences. At Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services, our interventionists have experienced and proven sobriety to be possible. We will be there for you, ready to take the steps in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge, and anywhere else in Alberta.

With such a sensitive struggle to be burdened with, it is only fitting that you will want to find help with someone you are comfortable with. Considering that our intervention professionals have fought addiction themselves, they have the capacity for understanding, empathizing, and motivational inspiration for the reassurance that sobriety is possible, and an intervention can be the first step to reaching that goal.  You and your loved ones are already conquering this battle, so why should you be
burdened with the worry if you confided in the right intervention specialists? We assure you, that worry will be wiped away with Andy Bhatti’s services, in Alberta.

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Is it Necessary to Hire a Professional Interventionist, in Alberta?

Though it is not necessary, it would be a solid investment as hiring a professional interventionist will increase the likelihood of conducting a successful intervention. Professional interventionists have experience in these settings. Interventionists know what goes into the planning before the intervention, in addition to which strategies are most successful during the intervention. An intervention is also a very helpful guide throughout the intervention to keep things on track and heavy emotions at bay so they don’t interfere with the overall goal for the outcome of this intervention.

After the Intervention

With the ultimate goal of the intervention being that the addicted individual accepts help and takes the next step and goes to treatment, our team will assist the individual to a facility best fitted for the individual.

Not all interventions will result in the same outcome, however, the overall long-term goal is usually the same, long-term rehabilitation. The first step to long-term rehabilitation is an intervention. Our interventionists adapt and evolve to the differences of each individual and their atmosphere and circumstances.

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Begin Planning an Intervention for Your Loved One

If you are looking to plan an intervention for your loved one in Alberta, contact Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services. Our intervention services help save lives.

Call us today and let us help you set up a treatment plan that has succeeded as the long-term goal, for someone you care for.

An intervention is not about how to control the substance user; it is about how to let go of believing you can. Our professional addiction therapists and interventionists work closely with families to reach a successful intervention. Our interventionist work all over Alberta.


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