Event: Raising Awareness on Addiction & Trauma

Event: Raising Awareness on Addiction & Trauma


Location: Fleetwood Community Centre 15996 – 84 Ave., Surrey, BC
Date: Saturday, April 14, 2018
Time: 12 P.M. to 6 P.M.

Event Summary

As public awareness of addiction in drugs and alcohol has become increasingly prevalent in the Lower Mainland largely due to the ongoing opioid crisis, addiction experts and supporters of recovery are coming together to talk about it. On April 14 at the Fleetwood Community Centre in Surrey, “How Addiction Effects Families” will be presented by six experts from around the world.

Andy Bhatti is a local, well-known and established interventionist and will be co-hosting this one-day public platform in Surrey with The Cabin Treatment Centre—one of the most reputable drug and alcohol treatment rehabilitation organizations in Asia.

The event is free and open to anyone, with a particular focus on family and friends who have a loved one that struggles with addiction. “Treatment for the addict is typically where the work begins and ends, failing to acknowledge the feelings and pain of those around them, such as family and friends,” according to addictions expert and fellow interventionist, Geri Bemister, who will be speaking at the conference.

This conference has been put together in hopes that family and friends will be educated on enabling, trauma, and how the cycle of addictions impacts every member. “In the therapeutic recovery industry, it is understood that in one way or another, everybody needs to heal,” according to Mr. Bhatti.

Joining the series of speakers is former NHL goalie, Clint Malarchuck, who survived a series traumatic events within his career and in his personal life. Given his life experience, Clint will be speaking on mental health and addictions. Clint will also tell his story on how he survived addiction, trauma and healing as a result of his on-ice life threatening infamous goal tending injury, and his 2008 suicide attempt. Today Clint is an advocate for therapeutic recovery and providing education on addiction and trauma through his story of experience, strength and hope.

To register, simply go to our contact page and fill out the form so that we can know to expect you.

Do You Know Someone Who’s Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol?

Do you ever wonder if your family needs to have a drug & alcohol intervention? How do you know if your making excuses to protect them? Are you in denial yourself?

Andy Bhatti suggests you ask yourself these questions; if you answer yes to even one, you can help your loved one by bringing them to this free event.

  1. Do you do whatever you can to avoid conflict with your addicted loved one?
  2. Are you in denial about your loved one being addicted? Do you think his or her drug or alcohol use is just a phase and isn’t anything to be concerned about?
  3. Do you minimize the situation? Do you think the problem will get better later?
  4. Have you ever paid off your loved one’s drug debt?
  5. Do you repeatedly come to the rescue — bailing him or her out of jail, out of financial problems or other tight spots, because of their addiction or alcohol problems?
  6. Do you try to protect your addicted loved one from getting kicked out of school or losing their job?
  7. Do you still financially support him or her, even though he or she is an adult?
  8. Do you try to control the dependent person?
  9. Do you often think, this too shall pass?
  10. Do you give him/her one more chance … and then another … and just one more?
  11. Have you ever paid for a lawyer to keep your loved one from getting into legal trouble?
  12. Have you ever bought drugs or alcohol for your loved one, even though you know they have a drug abuse problem?
  13. Have you ever let your loved ones do drugs in your home? Do you think its safer and at least you know where they are?
  14. Do you ever feel like you are walking on egg shells in your own home?
  15. Have you ever been too scared to ask your loved if they are on drugs? Is it because you are scared they will freak out and leave?
  16. Have you ever lied to your family or friends, about how bad your loved ones addiction really is?
  17. Do you join him/her in the dangerous behaviour, even when you know he or she has a problem?

Contact us now to sign up for this free event. We’ll see you April 14th at Fleetwood Community at 15996 – 84th Ave Surry, BC.

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