Raising Awareness on Child Abuse and Addiction Featuring Jake The Snake Roberts

Raising Awareness on Child Abuse and Addiction Featuring Jake The Snake Roberts

Jake The Snake Roberts will be performing at New Westminster’s Lafflines Comedy Club on Friday, April 21.

The event is being hosted by Andy Bhatti Interventions and Addiction Services. Andy Bhatti, a former heroin addict, sexual abuse victim and drug and alcohol interventionist has teamed up with Jake The Snake to raise awareness around sexual abuse and addiction.

“So many sexual abuse survivors become addicted to opiates, alcohol and other drugs to help block out their feelings and numb all the pain of abuse that occurred as a child. If you’re addicted to drugs, alcohol and are a survivor of childhood trauma, our intervention company wants to help you,” Andy Bhatti explains.

“We want addicts and survivors of abuse to know there are services both free and private that can help you.”

For the last six years, Andy Bhatti has concentrated his energy on bringing awareness to childhood sexual abuse and addiction. He received the Courage to Come Back award in the addiction category for 2015.

Andy Bhatti is bringing Jake The Snake Roberts to Lafflines Comedy Club because of Jake’s personal struggles with alcohol and drugs. Jake was dependent on alcohol, pills and crack cocaine until a few years ago. His addiction took him to jail, rehab, almost made him lose his job and could have killed him.

Jake says he felt worthless and alone in the world until his intervention happened.

Jake The Snake Roberts is one of the biggest names in WWE wrestling. He is known for his extensive use of psychology in his matches and his use of the DDT finishing move, which was named the “coolest” maneuver of all time by WWE. Jake often brought snakes, including Damien the python, into the ring to scare his opponents.

Jake has been sober from drugs and alcohol for several years now and has become a major voice in raising awareness around alcohol and childhood abuse. While Jake is at Lafflines Comedy Club in New Westminster, he will be telling stories from the wrestling world, speaking about childhood trauma, addiction and making the audience laugh through comedy skits.

The funds raised on April 21 will go to Survivors Supporting Survivors Society to help pay for people’s therapy who can’t afford it on their own. To buy your tickets, visit the Eventbrite event page.

Jake The Snake teaming up with Andy Bhatti and Survivors Supporting Survivors


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